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Tennessee Titans True or False: April Edition

It’s that time of year, no football being played, other sports drawing to a close, and baseball about to begin. But the NFL offseason is in full swing. As the calendar inches ever closer to the NFL Draft, and free agency is in full swing, Veterans have become unfortunate cap casualties. What better time to address some of the team’s glaring questions?

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Report: Kenny Vaccaro Released by the Tennessee Titans

The Tennesee Titans are expected to release Kenny Vaccaro. Vaccaro was the starting safety for Titans in all 13 games he played last season and he recorded 83 tackles and six tackles for loss.

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Projecting the Top 10 for the 2020 NFL Season: Strong Safeties

Every year the NFL Network does its top 100 countdown based on the previous season. However, that’s the past, and we want to look forward to the future. Four of our writers have put together a 14 part series, predicting our top 10 at each position. We’ve also included the most under and overrated at each position.

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