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Deep Dive: Is the Red Sox Bullpen Bad?

The Boston Red Sox had a less than remarkable first series of 2022, dropping the first two games of the season to their archrivals, the Yankees. They were able to salvage the weekend a bit with a victory on Sunday Night Baseball.

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Can Josh Taylor Regain His Rookie Form?

Through two major league seasons, Josh Taylor has had his share of ups and downs. As the lefty enters his third season, his career is at a crossroads as the Red Sox try to return to the postseason. For Taylor, 2021 will be about finding what made him successful in 2019.

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Leandre: The Red Sox Bullpen Has a Good Foundation

All year long, the biggest scapegoat for the Boston Red Sox struggles was their seemingly closer-less bullpen. In their first season without Craig Kimbrel since 2015, Boston’s bullpen mirrored that of their starting lineup in their first year sans David

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