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Kobe Bryant Should Not Become the NBA Logo

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving wants the National Basketball Association to make the late Kobe Bryant the league’s new logo, but it could be disrespectful to several others.

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The Greatest Individual Losing Playoff Performances in NBA History

What are some of the best single-player performances that came up short in the NBA postseason?

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A full recap of Magic Johnson’s tenure with the Lakers and potential replacements

The Los Angeles Lakers were expected to do big things after acquiring LeBron James in free agency at the beginning of the season, but an unexpected groin injury knocked him out for 18 games and changed the course of the Lakers season. After the tumultuous turn of events that knocked the Lakers out of the playoffs, Magic Johnson decided it was best for him and the organization if he stepped down from being president of basketball operations. Magic Johnson helped the Lakers get LeBron James and he was set to pitch the plan to recruit free agents like Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson to try and get them on the Lakers, but the pressure was too much. Magic always seemed to be tampering and getting fined for it and it got to the point where he couldn’t even congratulate a player on his accomplishment, which led to Magic getting frustrated.

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