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BIG3 Draft Review/Season Preview

Last night was the third ever BIG3 draft, and as we’re gearing up for another season, big names like Jason Richardson, Greg Oden, and Mario Chalmers are among the new additions to the league.

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They Say Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice. The Blazers’ Injury Curse, Though, Strikes Forever.

Here’s my advice to anyone who’s a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers who hasn’t had the pleasure of learning this lesson the hard way over and over again yet.

Never have hope.

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The One-and-Done Rule: Is it Finally Over?

The one-and-done rule has been sparked back into the center of discussion and debate after commissioner, Adam Silver, spoke on removing it on July 13th. Implemented in 2006 by then-commissioner, David Stern, the one-and-done rule is a mandate that controls NBA eligibility. The rule states that the player must be 19 years of age or one year removed from high school. Originally, the rule was made to increase fan interest in NCAA collegiate basketball, and it worked as fans were able to see stars and future NBA players like Derrick Rose and Greg Oden before they got to the league. Though the rule did explode college basketball into a money-making machine, it was clear that it was gradually hurting the NBA and its future players. This begs the question, how will removing the rule change basketball?

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