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The Don Draper of the NBA: Does Ersan İlyasova Really Exist?

Ersan İlyasova is supposed to be a Turkish power forward drafted in the second round who carved out a solid enough career for himself that he’s still a decent NBA player well over a decade after being drafted. He’s known for being a good floor spacer at 6’10” while shooting 37% from behind the arc for his career and has fit in really well with Milwaukee’s system for quite a few years. This year, he averaged a sliver over 18 minutes per game in Milwaukee’s run to the Eastern Conference Finals – the furthest run he’s been a part of in his career.

And most of that’s true.

But there’s just one problem with that description of Ersan İlyasova. There is no Ersan İlyasova.

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Players the Celtics Could Target With Their Disabled Player Exception

It’s been over two months since the Boston Celtics were awarded an $8.4 million Disabled Player Exception (DPE) following Gordon Hayward’s gruesome ankle injury, but general manager Danny Ainge has yet to utilize it. During the time since it was

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