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Seattle Kraken: Looking Back at the Expansion Draft

We are just about at the halfway point of the 2021-22 season, which means that it is time for overreactions, where many of them could be true! For the Seattle Kraken, their inaugural season has left us with the potential to clown all over them.

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Rangers Week in Review: End of the Tunnel or Oncoming Train?

After two heartbreaking losses to the Boston Bruins, a new week gave Rangers fans a chance to see if New York could bounce back and find their game. With many talking about how bad of a job coach David Quinn is doing, they forget that some of the blame lies on the players.

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Rangers Week in Review: New Year, Not So New Rangers

If you were thinking, “Hey, it’s great that Rangers hockey is back, even the pandemic couldn’t stop it!” you are not alone. However, it seems that even into the third week of games, the Rangers still think they’re trapped in the bubble of last season’s playoffs.

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