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Podloski’s Re-Grading of the 2020 Draft Class: Miami Dolphins

NFL analyst Bucky Brooks talks lots about draft analogies that hit home and accurately describe situations. Brooks often refers to the idea of a draft pick being a single compared to a home-run pick. For the 2020 class of Miami Dolphins, that was seemingly all it was, a bunch of “singles’’.

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How Bright is Miami’s Future? Extremely Bright

During the first few weeks of the 2019 season, the Miami Dolphins seemed to be tasked with a long rebuild ahead of them. With Chris Grier as the general manager, he hired former Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores as the new head coach. Grier was hired as the general manager in 2016 after being the team’s director of college scouting. Behind Grier and Flores, the Dolphins underwent a massive makeover and culture shift.

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