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Is Nikola Jokic the Best Passing Center of All Time?

After his third season in the league averaging 6.1 assists and playing 75 games of a possible 82, rumblings of “is Nikola Jokic the best passing center of all time already,” started around the league. What did Jokic do the

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They Say Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice. The Blazers’ Injury Curse, Though, Strikes Forever.

Here’s my advice to anyone who’s a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers who hasn’t had the pleasure of learning this lesson the hard way over and over again yet.

Never have hope.

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Player Spotlight: Domantas Sabonis

This week I wanted to start off a new weekly segment where we spotlight one player in the league who might be flying under the radar, but when you dig deep into the stats they are having a great season thus far. The player spotlight this week is focused on Indiana Pacers third-year player Domantas Sabonis who is having a very productive season.

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