Super Bowl History: 10 Greatest Plays

There has always been an aura for special plays to be made during every Super Bowl. The game creates a triumphant atmosphere that allows the games’ best-of-the-best to perform in a noble style that generates unforgettable moments; just like these below.

10. 1999 Super Bowl XXXIV – Rams vs. Titans – Kurt Warner to Isaac Bruce Touchdown

Rams quarterback, Kurt Warner throws a bomb pass to Isaac Bruce from the Titans 27-yard line for a touchdown. Bruce makes a huge catch and moves through the maze of defenders for the go-ahead touchdown with less than two minutes remaining.


9. 2010 Super Bowl XLIV – Saints vs. Colts – Tracy Porter Interception

The Saints led by seven points in the fourth quarter when Peyton Manning was trying to lead a game-tying touchdown drive. On third-and-five, Manning drops back and throws to his left which is intercepted by Porter, who then returns it for a game-clinching touchdown.

8. 1984  Super Bowl XVIII – Raiders vs. Redskins – Marcus Allen Touchdown

Raiders running back, Marcus Allen received a hand-off and circles around to his left as the Redskins safety was quickly approaching. Allen smoothly avoids the tackle and cuts up the middle for what seemed to be an easy touchdown run.


7. 2017 Super Bowl LI – Patriots vs. Falcons – Julian Edelman Miracle Catch

Patriots were down eight-points when Edelman made an unbelievable catch.  Brady throws a pass that is tipped and broken up near the receiver. The ball went up in the air and Edelman made a diving plunge towards the ball. He grabs it, bobbles it and eventually controls the ball without it ever touching the ground.


6. 2010 Super Bowl XLIV – Saints vs. Colts – Saints Onside Kick

Possibly one of the gutsiest calls in a Super Bowl ever, Saints recover an on-side kick on the first play in the second half. No one saw it coming, and it caught the Colts completely off guard.


5. 2018 Super Bowl LII – Eagles vs. Patriots – “Philly Special”

Eagles have the ball on their own one and a half yard line on fourth-and-goal. Foles, in shotgun formation, but slides over near the right side of the line. Clements get the ball from “wildcat” runs to his left and pitches the ball to Ertz who’s running in the reverse who then throws it to a wide-open Foles for a touchdown.


4. 2009 Super Bowl XLIII – Steelers vs. Cardinals – Ben Rothlisberger to Holmes Game-Winning Touchdown

On second-and-goal with the Steelers down three points with less than 45-seconds remaining, Holmes stretches for a double-toe-touching touchdown grab to win the game.

3. 2006 Super Bowl XL – Steelers vs. Seahawks – Antwaan Randle El to Hines Ward Touchdown

Randle El was a quarterback in college and threw a beauty to Ward on a reverse play for a 43-yard touchdown. The play doesn’t really surprise anyone, but the pass by Randle El while on the run is simply impressive.


2. 2009 Super Bowl XLIII – Steelers vs. Cardinals – James Harrison 100-Yard Pick-six

With the Cardinals looking to score from their own two-yard line with only 18-seconds left in the first half, the play didn’t go as planned for the Cardinals. Warner was intercepted by Harrison on the goal line and returns it all the way back for an unbelievable touchdown.


1. 2015  Super Bowl XLIX – Patriots vs. Seahawks – Malcolm Butler Majestic Interception

In one of the most controversial calls of all time, the Seahawks threw the ball on second-and-goal with 25-seconds left and a timeout remaining while down only four-points to the Patriots. Butler makes a majestic game-ending interception to secure the win.


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