Splash’s Week 7 Power Rankings

Splash's Week 7 Power Rankings

Welcome to the post-Week 7 edition of triggering power rankings.

Check here for last week’s edition.

No. 32: New York Jets (+0)

The Jets totaled four yards in the second half against the Bills. For context, Buffalo’s kicker made four field goals in the second half.

No. 31: Dallas Cowboys (-7)

The Cowboys have been abysmal. Ben DiNucci will likely start on Sunday Night Football as the Cowboys play the Eagles. Yuck.

No. 30: Washington Football Team (+1)

Washington beat Dallas by 22 points. With a quarterback and another weapon to complement Terry McLaurin, the Football Team could be NFC East contenders in 2021.


No. 29: New York Giants (+1)

If Carson Wentz does not make one of the throws of the season or if Evan Engram does not have an egregious third-down drop in the final minutes, the Giants would be 2-5.

No. 28: Jacksonville Jaguars (+1)

The Jaguars were fairly competitive, but the real competition is for Trevor Lawrence now.


No. 27: Minnesota Vikings (+1)

The Vikings were on bye. Magically, the bye week did not intercept a Kirk Cousins pass.

No. 26: Atlanta Falcons (+0)

The Falcons had yet another heartbreaking defeat. One can blame the offense (or Todd Gurley specifically), but the defense broke down in the last minute.


No. 25: New England Patriots (-8)

There were real Patriots fans who said that Jarrett Stidham would be a solid NFL quarterback in 2020. Please laugh at them. Thank you.

No. 24: Denver Broncos (+1)

The Broncos were thoroughly exploited by the Chiefs on Sunday.

No. 23: Cincinnati Bengals (+4)

Joe Burrow and the Bengals found themselves on the losing end of another fun game to watch. The future is bright in Cincinnati.

No. 22: Philadelphia Eagles (-2)

The Eagles won, but it required Evan Engram to participate in an impromptu Butterfinger commercial during the game.

No. 21: Houston Texans (-2)

Now 1-6, the season is in the toilet.

No. 20: Los Angeles Chargers (+1)

It was only the Jaguars, but Justin Herbert had another solid game. The playoffs may be an unreachable goal in 2020, but the future is trending upward.

No. 19: Carolina Panthers (-1)

The Panthers will be scary good in 2021 and moving forward.

No. 18: Detroit Lions (+5)

Even if the Lions had lost to the Falcons, they would be moving up. Matthew Stafford is playing much better than he was at the beginning of the season.

No. 17: Chicago Bears (-5)

No offense to the Bears.

Oops. No offense for the Bears. It’s 2018 all over again.

No. 16: Miami Dolphins (+6)

The win over the 49ers looks much more impressive. Miami has a real defense, and Tua Tagovailoa should inject positivity into the organization on Sunday regardless of the result.

No. 15: Cleveland Browns (+1)

Usually, this section would be some sort of backhanded jab at the Browns, but Cleveland would have to have a collapse of mythical proportions to not finish with a winning record.

No. 14: Indianapolis Colts (-3)

The Colts were on bye.

No. 13: Las Vegas Raiders (-4)

The Jon Gruden Bowl went exactly as Super Bowl XXXVII (37) went. The Buccaneers clobbered the Raiders.

No. 12: Buffalo Bills (-4)

On one hand, the Bills won on Sunday. On the other hand, they had to stop a game-tying drive against the Jets. An eight-point win over the doormat of the NFL is more concerning than losing to Tennessee or Kansas City.

No. 11: Los Angeles Rams (+2)

The Rams rolled over the Bears. Johnny Hekker was sensational. Punters are people, too!

No. 10: San Francisco 49ers (+5)

A wet napkin could have beaten the Patriots on Sunday, but Kyle Shanahan had a pristine gameplan, and the 49ers executed without a hitch for the most part. It was impressive.

No. 9: Arizona Cardinals (+5)

The Cardinals emulated D.K. Metcalf with their relentless perseverance against Seattle. It was an inspiring performance.

No. 8: New Orleans Saints (+2)

The Fighting Alvin Kamaras held the Panthers at bay. New Orleans does not have the ceiling of their NFC opponents, but Michael Thomas’s return should help an already sturdy offense.

No. 7: Green Bay Packers (+0)

Aaron Rodgers off a bad performance has joined the likes of Game 6 Klay Thompson, Super Bowl Eli Manning, and Postseason Randy Arozarena in the discussion for greatest athletes of all-time.

No. 6: Tennessee Titans (-2)

This analysis went wide right.

No. 5: Seattle Seahawks (-4)

Are we sure that Buffalo Wild Wings has not hacked the Seahawks? Seattle seems incapable of playing a normal game. While having Russell Wilson will give Seattle more wins in clutch scenarios, there will be plenty of head-scratching losses.

No. 4: Baltimore Ravens (+1)

The Ravens were on bye.

No. 3: Pittsburgh Steelers (-1)

The Steelers are a diet version of the Seahawks in terms of always finding themselves in close games regardless of the opponent (besides Cleveland).

No. 2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4)

Tampa Bay has scored 38 or more points three times in four weeks. Oh, and Antonio Brown is coming to town. It took exactly seven weeks for Tom Brady to put the Buccaneers as the best team in the NFC.

No. 1: Kansas City Chiefs (+2)

Patrick Mahomes was anonymous for the most part, and the Chiefs won by 27 regardless.

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