Splash’s Week 6 Power Rankings

Welcome to the post-Week 6 edition of triggering power rankings.

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No. 32: New York Jets (+0)

The Jets’ football talent matches the number of points they scored on Sunday: zero.

No. 31: Washington Football Team (-2)

The defense is a sturdy unit for the most part, but the offense should be called Terry McLaurin.

No. 30: New York Giants (+0)

While the Giants did win on Sunday, they may have blown their shot at winning the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.

No. 29: Jacksonville Jaguars (-2)

Against the right teams, Jacksonville can be competitive, but they are slowly slipping.

No. 28: Minnesota Vikings (-7)

The Vikings are ugly to watch offensively and defensively. They could be in play for a new quarterback in 2021.

No. 27: Cincinnati Bengals (-1)

The Bengals will eventually be a winner, but the time is not now.

No. 26: Atlanta Falcons (+5)

The Falcons won their first game of the season, clobbering the Vikings on the road.

No. 25: Denver Broncos (+3)

Denver’s defense played exceptionally well, but the offense could only capitalize on field goals.

No. 24: Dallas Cowboys (-6)

There are few positive takeaways from Dallas getting demolished on Monday Night Football. There were plenty of giveaways, however.

No. 23: Detroit Lions (+2)

The Lions finally held onto a lead and won. Hooray!

No. 22: Miami Dolphins (+1)

While Miami did win 24-0, they were wildly inefficient on third down, and their opponent was the Jets.

No. 21: Los Angeles Chargers (-2)

The Chargers were on their bye week.

No. 20: Philadelphia Eagles (-3)

The Eagles trailed the entire game, but they were at least competitive down the stretch against Baltimore.

No. 19: Houston Texans (+3)

Giving Houston a loss for Week 6 is harsh because they likely would have scored if they had received the kickoff in overtime.

No. 18: Carolina Panthers (-2)

The future is bright in Carolina.

No. 17: New England Patriots (-10)

The Patriots underwhelmed at home against an inferior Broncos team. Ouch.

No. 16: Cleveland Browns (-6)

Cleveland’s Wikipedia page was re-updated to say “owned by the Pittsburgh Steelers” after that egregious performance.

No. 15: San Francisco 49ers (+9)

Kyle Shanahan held Jimmy Garoppolo’s hand the whole way, but the 49ers played a complete game to knock off the Rams.

No. 14: Arizona Cardinals (+6)

Kyler Murray looked decent statistically, but much of his yardage production came on an overthrown ball to Christian Kirk. If Kirk does not stretch to make a ridiculous catch, Murray ends with around 100 passing yards against Dallas.

No. 13: Los Angeles Rams (-4)

The Rams seem to be fraudulent. They are 4-0 against the NFC East. They have no wins outside of the NFC East.

No. 12: Chicago Bears (+3)

The defense is in their 2018 form, but Nick Foles controls the ceiling of the Bears.

No. 11: Indianapolis Colts (+2)

After falling into a 21-point deficit, the Colts fought back to steal a victory from the Bengals.

No. 10: New Orleans Saints (+4)

The Saints were on their bye week.

No. 9: Las Vegas Raiders (+2)

The Raiders were on their bye week.

No. 8: Buffalo Bills (+0)

One could overreact to the Bills, but they have lost to two of the best teams in the AFC. Josh Allen is a top-tier quarterback. The Bills are still one of the better teams in football.

No. 7: Green Bay Packers (-6)

The top seven teams are close at the moment, and the Packers are ever so slightly less dynamic than the other six. They were up 10, got punched in the mouth twice, and failed to score again.

No. 6: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+6)

Tampa Bay had the performance of the weekend, scoring 38 unanswered to blowout the Packers. Offensively, Tom Brady had an excellent game, and Ronald Jones broke off several big runs. Defensively, Jamel Dean had a pick-six, and they stopped Aaron Jones.

No. 5: Baltimore Ravens (+1)

For the talk that Baltimore has not made adjustments, they exploited Philadelphia for gash run plays even without the usual read option. The defense almost blew the game with a late busted coverage, but they held firm on the accompanying two-point conversion.

No. 4: Tennessee Titans (+0)

Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry had otherworldly games, but the Titans needed to win a coin toss to secure a victory. Also, Taylor Lewan is out for the season. In 2019, they went 3-1 without Lewan, but the Titans will miss him.

No. 3: Kansas City Chiefs (+2)

After weeks of sleepwalking, the Chiefs answered the phone and kept the Bills from winning. It was not the most polished performance, but Clyde Edwards-Helaire went ballistic to secure the win.

No. 2: Pittsburgh Steelers (+1)

After weeks of dealing with a soft schedule narrative, the Steelers schedule stiffens. They blew out the 4-1 Browns by 31. Next on the docket? The undefeated Titans followed by the 5-1 Ravens. It is time to put up or shut up in the Steel City.

No. 1: Seattle Seahawks (+1)

The Seahawks were on their bye week. They make their top slot debut due to the ineptitude of the Packers.

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