Splash’s Week 13 Power Rankings

Splash's Week 13 Power Rankings

Welcome to the post-Week 13 edition of triggering power rankings.

Check here for last week’s edition.

No. 32: New York Jets (+0)

New York called cover zero in a Hail Mary situation, one of the strangest play calls in NFL history. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was fired the next day.

No. 31: Cincinnati Bengals (+0)

If the Jets were not historically awful, the Bengals would be at the bottom of the power rankings.


No. 30: Jacksonville Jaguars (+0)

While the game did go to overtime, the Jaguars benefitted from two fluky touchdowns.

No. 29: Philadelphia Eagles (+0)

Jalen Hurts will make his first start on Sunday against the Saints. Philadelphia finally benched Carson Wentz after 12 horrendous games.

No. 28: Dallas Cowboys (-2)

Had Greg Zuerlein not missed three field goals, the Cowboys would have been significantly closer to Baltimore. The offense was great. The defense was atrocious.

No. 27: Los Angeles Chargers (-2)

In a league with Adam Gase as a head coach, the Chargers are somehow the worst-coached team in the NFL.

No. 26: Chicago Bears (-2)

Chicago’s offense was productive against Detroit. On the other hand, Matthew Stafford torched the defense.

No, this is not a typo. Chicago’s offense outperformed the defense.

No. 25: Denver Broncos (+2)

Denver played fairly well against the Chiefs, holding them to just 22 points. If Drew Lock was not awful, the Broncos would likely be in the playoff hunt.

No. 24: Detroit Lions (+4)

Detroit nabbed their fifth win of the season with an impressive performance from Stafford and the offense.

No. 23: Carolina Panthers (-2)

Carolina had a Week 13 bye, perhaps the dumbest scheduling decision of the 2020 season.

No. 22: Atlanta Falcons (-2)

The Falcons are competitive in every game, but they often lack the killer instinct.

No. 21: Houston Texans (-4)

Deshaun Watson turned the ball over twice, although neither was his fault. Houston’s disappointing season continues.

No. 20: San Francisco 49ers (-4)

Josh Allen had a field day against the San Francisco secondary. There were few bright spots for the 49ers.

No. 19: Washington Football Team (+4)

Washington knocked off the previously undefeated Steelers. However, much of the credit belongs to Pittsburgh’s receiving corps who dropped passes on key downs throughout the game.

No. 18: New York Giants (+4)

Even without Daniel Jones, the Giants went into Seattle and thoroughly outplayed the Seahawks. The running game decimated Seattle’s defense, and New York’s defense was stellar.

No. 17: Arizona Cardinals (-3)

Arizona gets a lot of hype because of Kyler Murray, but they are a deeply flawed team. Defensively, they do nothing well, and the offense is heavily dependent on Murray and DeAndre Hopkins.

No. 16: Las Vegas Raiders (-1)

It took a gaffe of epic proportions for the Jets to not beat Las Vegas. After sticking with Kansas City for 60 minutes, the Raiders have played back-to-back ugly games.

No. 15: New England Patriots (+4)

New England is beginning to hit its stride. They are lurking two games back of the AFC’s seventh seed, but they hold head-to-head wins over Las Vegas, Baltimore, and Miami.

No. 14: Minnesota Vikings (+4)

It took overtime, but the Vikings overcame the Jaguars. The defense is beginning to round into form, and the offense can compete with anyone.

No. 13: Seattle Seahawks (-5)

Russell Wilson is falling off a cliff. The magic is gone. The Seahawks have not had a convincing offensive performance since Week 8.

No. 12: Baltimore Ravens (+1)

Baltimore had a strange performance. On one hand, the offense produced 400 yards for the first time since Week 8. On the other hand, almost 300 of those yards stem from Dallas’s nonexistent run defense. Defensively, the Ravens played an ugly game, but Zuerlein bailed them out with three missed kicks.

No. 11: Miami Dolphins (+1)

Brian Flores has more swagger than any coach in the NFL.

No. 10: Indianapolis Colts (+1)

If the Texans do not fumble in the red zone with a few minutes left, the Colts likely lose, but Indianapolis is up to eight wins on the season.

No. 9: Tennessee Titans (-3)

The score line is misleading. The Browns clobbered Tennessee for the most part before the Titans added a pair of touchdowns in the last 90 seconds.

No. 8: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1)

Tampa Bay had a Week 13 bye, perhaps the dumbest scheduling decision of the 2020 season.

No. 7: Cleveland Browns (+3)

Cleveland was up 38-7 at halftime. Baker Mayfield is playing like the fourth-best quarterback in the AFC, and the Browns will be scary entering January.

No. 6: Los Angeles Rams (+1)

Sean McVay does not lose to Arizona. The Rams face a tough Patriots team on a short week, but they should come out on top.

No. 5: Buffalo Bills (+0)

Allen and the Bills’ offense were spectacular. After an early turnover, the Bills were relentless. Buffalo can hang with any team in football.

No. 4: Pittsburgh Steelers (-2)

The 1972 Miami Dolphins can celebrate.

Pittsburgh’s offense has been average over the last two weeks. While Baltimore and Washington have good defenses, many of Pittsburgh’s problems are self-inflicted. They have dropped at least six passes in both games.

No. 3: Green Bay Packers (+1)

Aaron Rodgers is playing at a level comparable to his 2011 season. The offense is unstoppable. Defensively, the Packers have flaws, but you have to pray that Rodgers turns the football over to beat Green Bay.

No. 2: New Orleans Saints (+1)

The Saints are elite in every facet. They mix star power and depth unlike any team in the league. Regardless of who is starting at quarterback, the Saints are the best team in the NFC. With a potential Super Bowl preview coming up against the Chiefs, New Orleans could take the top spot in the power rankings.

No. 1: Kansas City Chiefs (+0)

The MVP race is tightening between Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes, but Mahomes can notch key wins over the Dolphins and Saints in the coming weeks. The offense only scored 22 points, its fewest of the season, but the duo of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are unmatched.

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