Splash’s Power Rankings through Week 10

While most power rankings will fluctuate wildly, these should stay reasonably similar on a week-to-week basis.

Number 32: Cincinnati Bengals (ELO: 1194, +0)

The Bengals are putrid. They are not going to move up any time soon.

Number 31: Washington Redskins (ELO: 1238, -1)

The Redskins survived their bye week without taking another loss. Their reward? They get to play the Jets.

Number 30: New York Giants (ELO: 1247, -2)

Saquon Barkley was so bad that “inches per carry” was a more valuable metric than the traditional “yards per carry.” Daniel Jones does not look too shabby, though.

Number 29: New York Jets (ELO: 1268, +0)

In the battle of terrible New Jersey teams, the Jets triumphed with the strength of Sam Darnold. The Jets might be dangerous in the future, but they are a mess right now.

Number 28: Arizona Cardinals (ELO: 1314, -3)

Christian Kirk had the performance of his life in a tough loss to the Buccaneers. The Cardinals have a bright future, but we are still in the present, so the Cardinals are not good at football.

Number 27: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ELO: 1316, -1)

The Buccaneers are being led to the slaughter as the Saints are coming off an embarrassing loss at home to the Falcons. Watch out, Tampa Bay.

Number 26: Atlanta Falcons (ELO: 1324, +5)

How? The Falcons somehow managed to get pressure on Drew Brees, sacking him an incredible six times. It was an uncharacteristically fantastic performance by Atlanta.

Number 25: Miami Dolphins (ELO: 1344, +2)

The Dolphins have managed to win back-to-back games, and they are well on their way to looking like a competent football team. They have likely lost their chance at the No. 1 draft pick, but Brian Flores looks to be a promising head coach.

Number 24: Denver Broncos (ELO: 1383, -1)

The idle Broncos offer little upside moving forward. They will likely be blown out by the Vikings on Sunday.

Number 23: Cleveland Browns (ELO: 1421, +1)

For the first time in over a month, the Browns won a game. The Browns sit in a crossroads as two of their next three games come against the Steelers, so a pair of wins would launch the Browns squarely into the playoff race. However, a loss in either game would push the Browns to the precipice of elimination.

Number 22: Los Angeles Chargers (ELO: 1454, -5)

The Chargers are just a weird team. They have great personnel, but they cannot win football games. They have two good running backs, a great wide receiver, two of the NFL’s best pass rushers, and a variety of other good players. They still suck, though.

Number 21: Jacksonville Jaguars (ELO: 1457, -1)

Welcome back, Nick Foles. Your task is the reeling Indianapolis Colts. Do not let Duval County down.

Number 20: Detroit Lions (ELO: 1473, -2)

Matthew Stafford shocked the world by being out of the Lions’ Week 10 contest vs. the Bears. Despite not having the services of Stafford, the Lions kept it close, a testament to how poor the Bears’ offense has been in 2019. The Lions have slipped significantly from their hot start.

Number 19: Chicago Bears (ELO: 1474, +0)

The Bears are 2.5 games out of the wild card, and they are 3.5 games out of the division. A win over the Rams on Sunday would be nice, but the playoffs are a long way away from the Bears.

Number 18: Buffalo Bills (ELO: 1481, -3)

The Bills have beaten zero winning teams. The Bills have somehow managed to endanger their playoff spot as tougher opponents lie ahead. The run defense needs to be better, and Josh Allen cannot wait until the fourth quarter to pull out his magic.

Number 17: Oakland Raiders (ELO: 1485, +4)

If you told me that the Raiders would be tied for a playoff spot in November, I would have slapped you. The Raiders have overachieved even the loftiest of expectations, and they could sneak into the playoffs. The Raiders will likely move to 7-4 with wins over the Bengals and Jets, pushing the Raiders to just their second playoff appearance since going to Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Number 16: Tennessee Titans (ELO: 1498, +6)

The win was a tad fluky, but Ryan Tannehill has guided the Titans to three wins in four starts. With their bye on the horizon, the Titans will sit a maximum of one game out of the wild card and two games out of the division.

Number 15: Carolina Panthers (ELO: 1505, -1)

In a brutal loss to the Packers, the Panthers have likely kissed their playoff chances goodbye. The Saints are only two games up, but the Panthers will have a difficult road to usurping the Saints for the division or the Vikings for the wild card spot.

Number 14: Indianapolis Colts (ELO: 1511, -1)

Jacoby Brissett needs to come back as soon as possible. After an electric 5-2 start, the Colts have fallen back to earth after back-to-back losses with Brissett getting injured in the first of those losses. If Brissett comes back in Week 11, the Colts could keep pace in the playoff race, but a loss to the Jaguars would be tough to come back from as the Colts have already lost tiebreakers to the Raiders and Steelers.

Number 13: Los Angeles Rams (ELO: 1550, -4)

Cooper Kupp and I had the same number of catches on Sunday. Sean McVay appears to have been figured out. As good as the Steelers defense has been this season, the Rams were alarmingly bad on Sunday afternoon. The playoffs are drifting away slowly.

Number 12: Pittsburgh Steelers (ELO: 1559, +4)

Welcome to a playoff spot, Pittsburgh. After a 1-4 start, the Steelers have rebounded to win four in a row and steamroll through critical wins over the Chargers, Dolphins, Colts, and Rams.

Number 11: Dallas Cowboys (ELO: 1583, -1)

Dak Prescott will make or break this team. Ezekiel Elliott has not been as effective as years past, and the defense has not been as dominant as some thought it would be. On the other hand, Prescott has been one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, and he has kept the Cowboys competitive even when other aspects of the team have fallen short.

Number 10: Philadelphia Eagles (ELO: 1591, +2)

The idle Eagles replace the Cowboys as the NFC East’s sole representative in the top 10. Despite an awkward road to the playoffs, the Eagles control their destiny as it pertains to the NFC East.

Number 9: Minnesota Vikings (ELO: 1612, +2)

The Vikings had an impressive win in Dallas on Sunday night. Despite not having Adam Thielen, the Vikings were effective on offense thanks to Dalvin Cook. Kirk Cousins might have exorcised his prime time demons, but the Vikings narrowly won the game.

Number 8: Houston Texans (ELO: 1628, -1)

The Texans have had two weeks to prepare for the electric Lamar Jackson. The Texans have one of the NFL’s best rushing defenses, but it will be under siege by the NFL’s best rushing offense. All things considered, the Texans will likely not drop if they lose. A win would propel them into the top five.

Number 7: Green Bay Packers (ELO: 1631, +1)

It was closer than it should have been, but the Packers overcame the Panthers with a last-second denial of Christian McCaffrey. The Packers have obvious flaws, but they have plenty of high-end talent to mask said flaws, so they will likely roll on their way into the playoffs.

Number 6: Kansas City Chiefs (ELO: 1654, -1)

Despite leading for most of the game, the Chiefs succumbed to the magic of the Titans yet again. I feel that this game is more of an anomaly than a concern, so the Chiefs should get back to their winning ways on Monday night.

Number 5: Seattle Seahawks (ELO: 1671, +1)

Despite knocking off the NFL’s lone undefeated team, Seattle does not get a massive boost in terms of Splash-ELO points. The Seahawks very nearly choked the game away, but a Chase McLaughlin field goal landed in the tunnel, not between the goalposts.

Number 4: San Francisco 49ers (ELO: 1733, -1)

The 49ers were shaky at best, but they were without their two best receiving options for most of the game. The base offense 49ers nearly beat one of the best teams in the league. George Kittle is desperately needed.

Number 3: Baltimore Ravens (ELO: 1766, +1)

Yes, it was the Bengals. The Ravens finally jump into the top three with the 49ers’ first loss. With that said, the Ravens face yet another difficult task in the Texans on Sunday. Prepare for fireworks.

Number 2: New Orleans Saints (ELO: 1802, -1)

The Saints had won six in a row in fairly convincing fashion before the Falcons rained on the potential 15-1 season. I am not too worried about the Saints moving forward.

Number 1: New England Patriots (ELO: 1833, +1)

Welcome back to the top, New England. The Patriots enjoyed their bye week as they saw their two biggest competitors lose. The Eagles await.

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