Splash’s 2021 May Playoff Predictions

May Playoff Predictions

With the schedule finally released, it is time to take a look at 12 teams that will accompany the Chiefs and Buccaneers to the playoffs in 2021.


No.1: Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

Kansas City makes the playoffs once again, securing their sixth consecutive division title. Kansas City earns the top seed by virtue of knocking off the Bills in Week 5.

No.2: Buffalo Bills (14-3)

Buffalo proves 2020 was not a fluke as they coast to back-to-back division crowns and their fourth playoff appearance in five seasons.


No.3: Cleveland Browns (12-5)

The Browns did not win a division title in the 1990s, 2000s, or 2010s. It only takes them two tries in the 2020s to win a division title.

No.4: Indianapolis Colts (10-7)

The Colts ascend back to the AFC South crown as they narrowly edge out the Titans. Indianapolis wins the division because of a better conference record than the Titans.


No.5: Los Angeles Chargers (12-5)

Los Angeles makes its triumphant return to the playoffs after a dominant regular season.

No.6: Baltimore Ravens (11-6)

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens add another playoff berth with their fourth straight double-digit win season.

No.7: New England Patriots (10-7)

Off the heels of an offense that is better than No.27 in the NFL, New England returns to the playoffs after a one-year hiatus. New England secures a playoff berth with a Week 12 win over the Titans.

Non-Playoff Teams:

  • Tennessee Titans (10-7)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins (9-8)
  • Denver Broncos (8-9)
  • Las Vegas Raiders (5-12)
  • Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets (3-14)
  • Houston Texans (2-15)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (1-16)

Playoff Games:

  • No.2 Bills defeat No.7 Patriots.
  • No.3 Browns defeat No.6 Ravens.
  • No.5 Chargers defeat No.4 Colts
  • No.1 Chiefs defeat No.5 Chargers
  • No.2 Bills defeat No.3 Browns
  • No.1 Chiefs defeat No.2 Bills


No.1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (15-2)

The Buccaneers play in rhythm from Week 1, posting the best record in the NFL in 2021. They win their first division title since 2007.


No.2: Los Angeles Rams (13-4)

Sean McVay extends his winning season streak to five as Los Angeles wins their third division in the McVay era.

No.3: Minnesota Vikings (11-6)

It’s an odd year, so Minnesota makes the playoffs as they did in 2015, 2017, and 2019. They win the division by virtue of a superior divisional record.

No.4: Washington Football Team (9-8)

Washington clinches back-to-back division crowns for the first time since 1982-1984.

No.5: San Francisco 49ers (12-5)

San Francisco bounces back with an electric 12-win season. They look to replicate Tampa Bay’s 2020 gauntlet of winning three straight-road playoff games.

No.6: Green Bay Packers (11-6)

It’s not quite 13-3 like 2019 and 2020, but Green Bay does enough to make the playoffs.

No.7: Seattle Seahawks (10-7)

Seattle earns its 10th straight winning season, posting 10 wins for the ninth time in that stretch.

Non-Playoff Teams:

  • Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints (9-8)
  • Dallas Cowboys (8-9)
  • Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, and Atlanta Falcons (7-10)
  • New York Giants (5-12)
  • Carolina Panthers (4-13)
  • Detroit Lions (2-15)

Playoff Games:

  • No.2 Rams defeat No.7 Seahawks
  • No.3 Vikings defeat No.6 Packers
  • No.5 49ers defeat No.4 Football Team
  • No.1 Buccaneers defeat No.5 49ers
  • No.3 Vikings defeat No.2 Rams
  • No.1 Buccaneers defeat No.3 Vikings

Super Bowl LVI:

In a matter of revenge, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs knock off the Buccaneers to win their second Super Bowl in three years.

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