Ryan Potts’s Mock Draft 1.0 (Part II)


New York Giants (via Cleveland):
Devin Bush, outside linebacker, Michigan

With the loss of Olivier Vernon via trade, the Giants could find a replacement in Bush. While the players possess very different skill sets, Bush could help the Giants progress defensively after the loss of the aforementioned Vernon and Landon Collins in the off-season. Bush would be a welcome addition to a Giants unit which strives to return to the greatness of 2011 and 2007.

Minnesota Vikings:
Cody Ford, offensive tackle, Oklahoma


The Vikings desperately need help on the offensive line. With Kirk Cousins being turned to mincemeat throughout the regular season, the Vikings need a way to find their fully guaranteed quarterback a way to stand for 16 games. The addition of Cody Ford would bring the strong bloodline of Oklahoma offensive lines to the wonders of US Bank Field in Minneapolis. The Vikings really should only contemplate offensive line here, but they could look to add a player on the defensive side the ball if they so choose.

Tennessee Titans:
Marquise Brown, wide receiver, Oklahoma


While the Titans have made moves to add receivers in years past, skipping out on Hollywood Brown would be a colossal failure for the Nashville football team. Brown possesses an innate ability to blow the top off of the defense while being versatile enough to play across the field. A slightly different receiver from the likes of Corey Davis and Adam Humphries, Brown should be able to cobble out a niche in the NFL by creating big plays and being a dynamo with the ball in his hands.

Pittsburgh Steelers:
Byron Murphy, cornerback, Washington

The Steelers make a concerted effort to improve the defensive side of the ball. While the Steelers could look to draft a wide receiver here, drafting Murphy could prove to be the most beneficial. With the Ravens, Browns, and Bengals posting offenses that can move the football, the Steelers should look to shore up the oft-maligned defensive backfield.

Seattle Seahawks:
Andre Dillard, offensive tackle, Washington State


The Seahawks have had one of the worst offensive lines in football since they drafted Russell Wilson the 2012 draft. With the selection of Andre Dillard, a relatively local prospect, the Seahawks can bolster the offensive line and protect Russell Wilson.

Baltimore Ravens:
D.K. Metcalf, wide receiver, Ole Miss

While Metcalf has obvious flaws that may not be covered in the Baltimore system, Metcalf offers an incredibly high upside on what he does best. In Baltimore, the Ravens need a rookie wide receiver who can make contested catches over the middle. In Metcalf, the Ravens would acquire a quite bulky receiver who, despite limited slant routes at Ole Miss, can be effective on running short routes including slants, hitches, and curls. Despite his questionable footwork, Metcalf should be able to be effective on a variety of NFL routes.

Houston Texans:
Garrett Bradbury, center, NC State

Just by acquiring another offensive lineman, the Texans should reduce the number of times Deshaun Watson is on his back. Watson was sacked a ridiculous 62 times in the 2018 season. Even if Bradberry isn’t the best offensive line prospect in the draft, he should fill in gaps along the line and protect Watson to such degree that the Texans replicate their productive 2018 season.

Oakland Raiders (via Chicago):
T.J. Hockenson, tight end, Iowa

The Raiders, after the loss of Jared Cook, have a hole at the tight end position. If they were to draft Hockenson, they would immediately fill the role with a talented tight end who can make plays down the field for quarterback Derek Carr. While the Raiders may have bigger needs than tight end, Hockenson is certainly a tremendous option if the Raiders look at tight end.

Philadelphia Eagles:
Clelin Ferrell, defensive end, Clemson

The Eagles draft yet another defensive line prospect with the hopes of being able to get to the other quarterbacks in the division. While the Eagles could look at a skill position players such as running back or wish receiver, the defense could use another couple of pieces to improve depth and to keep the Eagles contending.

Indianapolis Colts:
Hakeem Butler, wide receiver, Iowa State

One of the more underrated wide receivers in the draft, Butler could be slid into the number two wide receiver spot in Indianapolis. If Andrew Luck were to get one more weapon, it could spell doom for the remainder of the AFC South and the AFC as a whole. Already equipped with T.Y. Hilton and Eric Ebron, along with a solid backfield featuring Marlon Mack, the Colts could be the best offense in football if they acquire one more quality pass-catching option.

Oakland Raiders (via Dallas):
Josh Jacobs, running back, Alabama

In another effort to improve the offense, the Raiders pick the glorious Josh Jacobs who, while lacking in production at Alabama, does not lack in pro potential. He could immediately be the bell cow back of the Raiders and help the Raiders win a couple of games in 2019. While the Raiders certainly have bigger needs than running back, having an effective offense can alleviate some other need positions.

Los Angeles Chargers:
Yodny Cajuste, offensive tackle, West Virginia

Philip Rivers is pretty old. It is about time that the Chargers look to protect Rivers. While the Chargers could use a defensive player here, picking an offensive tackle to bookend the offensive line would be a beneficial selection for the Chargers. With Rivers, Melvin Gordon, and Austin Ekeler depending on the line in some part, the Chargers should look to improve the offensive line and use the remainder of their draft capital to shore up other holes on the offense and defense.

Kansas City Chiefs:
Nasir Adderley, safety, Delaware

The Chiefs could draft an edge rusher or defensive lineman at 29, but Adderley should fill in beautifully in the gaping hole but Eric Berry left. While Berry wasn’t as productive as years past, his lack of presence in 2019 could spell disaster. Adderly, one of the best safeties in the class, should fill in superbly and provide a defensive playmaker for the Chiefs.

Green Bay Packers (via New Orleans):
Noah Fant, tight end, Iowa

The Packers could pull the trigger on Fant here at number 30. With Aaron Rodgers getting deep into his 30s, the Packers could look to acquire one more offensive weapon for the former MVP to use. While the defense has slightly more pressing needs, appeasing Rodgers could be the goal in 2019. With a new head coach, Rodgers could wrestle more control of the Packers brass, but drafting a tight end could keep the former Cal quarterback calm in 2019.

Los Angeles Rams:
Chris Lindstrom, guard, Boston College

The Rams could upgrade the defensive side of the ball, but they also should take a long look at Lindstrom from Boston College. Lindstrom can play anywhere on the interior on the offensive line and would be a useful blocker to ensure that Jared Goff has time to throw and the likes of Todd Gurley can generate long runs in the rushing game. While not the shiniest of the offensive line prospects, Lindstrom should be effective in helping of the offensive line that he is drafted to.

New England Patriots:
Irv Smith, tight end, Alabama

With the recent retirement of Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots could make an impulse decision to add another tight end. While Smith may not have the upside that Rob Gronkowski once had, he should be an effective tight end in the NFL, especially if he’s catching passes from Tom Brady for the first couple years of his career. The Patriots could look at a quarterback here or could look to trade out of the back and acquire more draft capital. However, drafting Smith would be a smart decision if the Patriots came to repeat as Super Bowl champions.


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  1. 1.Murry -1 yr starter ?
    2.Bosa – hurt a lot HS,Col ???risky
    3.Allen – $****
    4.Burns – to high –
    **5.Williams – ***
    6.Haskins – 1 year starter ?
    7.Taylor – no focus most penalties – spacey
    **8. Gary $****
    9.Williams $
    10.White $$
    **11. Lock$$
    12.Williams OK
    **13.Oliver – $$
    14.Wilkens OK
    **15.Sweat $$$$
    16.Harry not sure
    **17.Bush – good
    18. Ford – tough but Big slow, weak a for big guy – round 2
    19.Brown – OK
    20. Pitt OK
    **21.Dillard $$$
    22.Metcalf $$$
    25.Ferrell OK
    28.Cajuste ???
    30 Fant $$
    **31. Lindstrom$$$$
    32. Smith OK

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