Report: XFL Terminates Employees, Suspends Day-to-Day Operations

The XFL is suspending day-to-day operations after firing nearly all of their employees, according to Konnor Fulk of XFL News Hub.

This ends WWE chairman Vince McMahon’s second endeavor into professional football.
This time around, unlike the first, it looked to have the makings of a long-lasting league. While it had its flaws to critics and fans of the NFL, it was football … and it was good football, especially with the NFL season in the books and no football to watch on Sundays.

People were in the seats, the excitement was there, and it was carefully planned out after being teased for two years. The XFL made a spectacle out of their uniform unveiling, their draft, and more in an effort to build up their hype.

Fans in St. Louis were especially supportive as they once again had a professional football team to root for.

A handful of the XFL players from this past season have already signed on with NFL teams this off-season, which is what many of them claimed they were hoping for when they signed on with the now-defunct league.

If not for the shutdown of the entire sports world, the XFL may have survived its inaugural season.

While they have not shared their plans for 2021, don’t expect this to be the last time we hear of Vince McMahon and football in the same sentence.

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