Report: Patriots Willing to Offer Big Money to Brady

There has been much speculation on Tom Brady’s desired salary this offseason but there hasn’t been much on what the Patriots would be willing to pay the quarterback.

And now, thanks to Ian Rapoport, we have somewhat of an idea.

The report also claims that Brady wants to see the team spend money to sure how his offensive weapons, but that’s to be expected. At his age, he wouldn’t want to commit to a team when he has no real weapons at his disposal.

If the Patriots are really willing to pay Brady upwards of $30 million, then maybe the gap between the two sides isn’t as big as many pundits are saying it is.

Rapoport has a good track record of being plugged in with NFL teams and he’s not in the business of rumor-mongering so there’s some validity to his report.

So while Patriots fans may be upset their team isn’t in the big game, they can take solace in the fact that this is a step in the right direction for a reunion between Brady and the Patriots.

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