Predicting Where the 2023 Rookie Quarterbacks Go

In a month, Rodger Goodell will step on a stage in Kansas City, Missouri. This means it is prime mock draft and predictions season. A lot has changed surrounding the 2023 Rookie Quarterback Class. So where will the 2023 Rookie Quarterbacks go? 

Where Do the 2023 Rookie Quarterbacks Go? 

 We will predict what teams and pick each quarterback will go to and why it makes sense for that quarterback. 

C.J. Stroud to the Carolina Panthers

Stroud will be the First Overall Pick, as most reports indicate. Carolina quarterback coach Josh McCown seemed fascinated by Stroud at the Ohio State Pro Day. Most draft analysts have graded Stroud as the most pro-ready quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft class. 

Bryce Young to the Houston Texans 

Young goes to the Houston Texans, who have the second-overall pick. Some people have graded Young better than Stroud. These two picks could be easily swapped (Young goes to Carolina, and Stroud goes to Houston).

The only big knock on Young is his height, 5″ 10′. Height is an unfair knock to make on a quarterback because they can’t control that. Quarterbacks like Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson had these knocks on their draft grade, and they both have had promising careers so far (ignore arguably the greatest season the Denver Broncos had in terms of memes)

Anthony Ricardson to the Seattle Seahawks 

Ricardson’s stock has been falling. Now, will this happen on draft day? Who knows. The ideal team for him would be one where he can develop and isn’t expected to start right away, preferably behind a veteran quarterback.

If he goes to Seattle, he will be able to sit behind Geno Smith (who is 32 years old) and learn. Once Smith retires, Richardson can start in Seattle without being thrown to the wolves. Richardson seems to be the duel threat of this quarterback draft class. 

Will Levis to the Las Vegas Raiders

Levis is similar to Richardson in that he needs a team where he can develop and sit for a year. The Raiders have this. Levis can sit behind Jimmy Garaplo for the first few years of his career. Once Jimmy G moves on or retires, Levis can step in since he already knows the system. Levis’s play style is reminiscent of Aaron Rodgers in that he can extend plays with his legs. 

These aren’t the only quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft Class. However, these are the only quarterbacks who seemed to be talked about by NFL draft analysts, fans, and NFL scouts. 

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