Predicting the Toronto Raptors’ Regular Season

At the moment, the Toronto Raptors are the second seed in the Eastern Conference. Since they’ve already clinched a playoff spot, the Raptors might rest some players before the postseason begins. After all, they have one of the toughest schedules for the rest of the regular season. 

August 1st vs. Los Angeles Lakers: Loss

The Raptors did not get lucky with their scheduling, as they’ll face the ageless Lebron James and possible MVP Anthony Davis in their first game back. Those two alone should be able to carry the Lakers past the rusty Raptors. The only way Toronto could win this game is if they come back with a full team and hot shooting. 

August 3rd vs. Miami Heat: Loss

The reigning champions will get off to a slow start, losing back-to-back games to open the month of August. I have Miami winning this game, which will be an upset that shakes up the seeding in the East. 

August 5th vs. Orlando Magic: Win

After back-to-back losses, this game should be a wake-up call for the Raptors. By now Kyle Lowry should be back to his old self, and Pascal Siakam makes this team even harder to stop. The Magic don’t have a chance if the Raptors are fully healthy, as they’ll be outmatched at almost every position. 

August 7th vs. Boston Celtics: Win

This win could determine the second seed in the East. Toronto has a deeper bench than the Celtics, and they have more reliable shooters as well. The Celtics are talented, but the Raptors are a very well-disciplined defensive team that can match up against anything Boston throws at them. 

August 9th vs. Memphis Grizzlies: Loss

This will mark another upsetting loss for the Raptors, and the Grizzlies will take this win to help their playoff push. Morant should lead the Grizzlies to victory, and he’ll have Lowry looking past his prime at a new generation of point guards set to outshine the current generation’s.

August 10th vs. Milwaukee Bucks: Win

This will be another big win for the Raptors. After two tough losses against the Heat and the Grizzlies, they’ll have won huge games against the Bucks and Celtics. These wins will also be beneficial for their morale, and they could use them to build momentum for the playoffs.

August 12th vs. Philadelphia 76ers: Win

Many believe the 76ers are a threat in the East, but the Raptors will handle this team with ease. Lowry will have a big game and harass the 76ers’ dysfunctional leadership with his playmaking.

August 14th vs. Denver Nuggets: Win

With Denver unsure of some of their players’ health, the Raptors should finish off the season strong. The only potential obstacle would be star center Nicola Joki?. Lowry will outplay Jamal Murray, and the Raptors’ bench should handle the Nuggets easily on offense.

The Raptors will finish the rest of the regular season with a 5-3 record. Though they will lose against some weaker teams, their two big wins against the Bucks and Celtics will give them enough experience going into the 2020 playoffs.

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