NHL Power Rankings: Post Week 8

NHL Power Rankings New York Rangers

Another week has gone by which means another week of NHL Power Rankings! It’s good to be back. There’s quite a bit of turnaround this week from Jack’s rankings last week, which he did a great job stepping in. As always, a loss or win doesn’t always mean that one team will be ranked higher than a team they beat or lost to. Let’s not waste any more time and get into this week’s rankings.

Numbers in parentheses reference last week’s rankings and all stats are current as of 12/5

No.32: Arizona Coyotes (-4)

Welcome back, Arizona. After getting out of the no. 32 spot for a week, Arizona goes right back down. But the margin between them and other teams isn’t as far as it was at the beginning of the season. They just can’t score still, dead last in goals for per game averaging 1.79 goals.


No.31: New York Islanders (+0)

Man, the Islanders continue to look really bad. They do not have a win in their last 10 games, going 0-8-2 in that time. They are last goals for with 36, and they are only trailed by Arizona in goals for per game averaging 1.89 goals.

No.30: Ottawa Senators (+2)

The Senators are currently on a two-game win streak, and that helps get them up a couple of spots this week. Not to mention those wins came against a couple of good teams in the Carolina Hurricanes and Colorado Avalanche. They still have some work to do defensively, currently sitting last in goals against per game averaging 3.91 goals. Also, Matt Murray is now in the AHL. Yikes, that signing will go on the wrong side of the history books. Don’t forget too they traded for him.


No.29: Buffalo Sabres (+0)

Yeah, they’ve officially come back to earth in Buffalo. Currently, in the midst of a three-game losing streak, the Sabres have been outscored 20-10 in that time. Nice to see Kyle Okposo bouncing back though with 17 points in 24 games. It may be quite generous to keep them here at 29, but they’ll get a warning that’s for sure.

No.28: Montreal Canadiens (+2)

Things are still rough for Montreal, but other teams are in worse shape than them right now. That is what gets them here at 29. They still have quite a bit of work to do with an average of 3.58 goals against per game, the fourth-worst in the NHL.

No.27: Vancouver Canucks (+0)

The Canucks offensive skid continues. They are sixth-worst in goals per game averaging 2.36 goals per game. They’re also tied for seventh in total goals with 59. Elias Pettersson is struggling with 12 points and has a -6 in the plus/minus category, the worst on the team. He needs to get going quickly. However, Elliotte Friedman is reporting that Bruce Boudreau will be the new head coach for the Canucks, so that’s certainly a step in the right direction. Jim Benning is also gone, another step in the right direction.

No.26: Chicago Blackhawks (+0)

The Blackhawks take a slight misstep this week, but they have been turning things around as of late. Statistically, however, they still have a bit of work to do. They are currently tenth-worst in goals against per game averaging 3.17, and third-worst in goals per game averaging 2.13 goals. Seth Jones has also turned around his early struggles, which is nice to see for Blackhawks fans.


No.25: Philadelphia Flyers (-4)

What has happened in Philly? They are continuing their skid, now sitting on a four-game losing streak. The worst part is they have been outscored 22-7 in that time. Gross. In large part due to that astounding stat, they now sit ninth-worst in goals against per game averaging 3.18 goals. They need to switch something up and fast.

No.24: Seattle Kraken (+0)

The Kraken stay put at 24 this week. It slowly feels like Seattle is getting that chemistry together, but it’ll take more than that to get this team up in the rankings. They are still having defensive issues averaging 3.46 goals against per game, good enough for fifth-worst in the league.

No.23: New Jersey Devils (-6)

A three-game losing streak puts the Devils way down in the rankings this week. They are seventh-worst in goals against per game averaging 3.32 goals. Their power play also needs some work sitting at 13.1 percent, second-worst in the league. Jesper Bratt has come seemingly out of nowhere to lead the team with 19 points in 22 games.

No.22: Los Angeles Kings (+3)

The Kings have had a hard time finding a decent form as of late, but there are plenty of other teams that have been struggling more, which bumps them up this week. They need to boost their offense as they currently sit tied for eighth-worst in goals per game averaging 2.64 goals. Anze Kopitar is still baffling with 23 points in 22 games.

No.21: Columbus Blue Jackets (-3)

This is where things will get interesting for a little while. The Blue Jackets have been on quite the stretch as of late, going 5-5 in their last 10. They need to get things figured out defensively as they are eighth-worst in the league in goals against per game averaging 3.26 goals.

No.20: San Jose Sharks (+3)

Yes, the Sharks are currently on a two-game losing streak. Yes, they are currently 5-5 in their last 10. However, they have one of the best penalty kill units in the game, sitting at 87.3 percent, good enough for fourth in the league. They still have some work to do offensively currently averaging 2.64 goals per game, tied with the Kings for eighth-worst in that category.

No.19: Nashville Predators (+1)

Welcome back to the positive side, Nashville. They are 5-5 in their last 10 and are in the bottom ten in goals per game. However, their power-play continues to be one of the best in the league at 22.9 percent. But things could get interesting for the Preds come next week.

No.18: Colorado Avalanche (+1)

The Avalanche have started to find some form in their last ten, sitting at 7-2-1 in that stretch. But for now, they’ll stay put here at 18. They need to get their defense in order, currently allowing 3.38 goals per game, sixth-worst in the league.

No.17: Winnipeg Jets (-3)

This week, the middle-of-the-road teams were especially hard to determine. The Jets are one of the victims of making the hard decisions. They are currently 4-5-1 in their last 10,  while also being on the lower end of the middle-of-the-road teams, and that puts them here at 17.

No.16: Boston Bruins (-3)

The Bruins take a little step backward this week opening up the top half here at 16. Yes, they are currently 6-3-1 in their last 10. Yes, they still have some work to do on the defensive end sitting eighth-worst in the league in goals against per game averaging 2.67 goals. But man their special team units are phenomenal. Both their power play and penalty kill are seventh-best in the league sitting at 25.4 and 84.8 percent respectively.

No.15: Vegas Golden Knights (-5)

The Golden Knights are having some miscues as of late, struggling to find some form. Currently sitting at 6-4 in their last 10. Their offense is still top ten and their defense is starting to figure things out again. This more than likely won’t be a very long slide for Vegas.

No.14: Pittsburgh Penguins (+1)

The Penguins just continue to find a way. It’s quite impressive that this core continues to produce. They are 6-3-1 in their last 10 and are sixth-best in goals against per game averaging 2.63 goals. They also have the best penalty kill in the league at 91.8 percent, which is astounding. They could easily continue to climb the rankings in the coming weeks.

No.13: Dallas Stars (+9)

The Stars have rocketed up the rankings, thanks to a six-game winning streak. Their offense still needs work currently sitting at 59 goals, tied for sixth-worst in the league. If not for this winning streak, the Stars would still be closer to their rankings from last week. It will be a waiting game now to see if that star will continue to shine over the Lone Star State.

No.12: St. Louis Blues (+4)

The Blues come back into the top 15 this week due in large part of their offensive stats coming back into the top 10 in goals for per game. They are tenth in that category averaging 3.25 goals a tilt at this point in the season.

No.11: Anaheim Ducks (+0)

The Ducks stay put at 11 this week. Their offense is still one of the best in the league, seventh in goals per game averaging 3.32 goals. Troy Terry has continued to have a breakout season currently leading the team still in points with 25 in 23 games. Keep an eye on the Ducks, they may have made the rebuild faster than we thought.

No.10: Detroit Red Wings(+2)

A five-game winning streak will certainly put you into the top 10. The Red Wings, statistically still have some work to do, but this win streak has covered those question marks pretty well. Also, Lucas Raymond is the frontrunner for the Calder. End of story.

No.9: Tampa Bay Lightning (+0)

Another team staying put this week, the defending champions. They are on a three-game winning streak, but there are some teams that have been dominant which leaves the Lightning without a path to move up at this point in time. However, next week they could easily move up in the rankings.

No.8: Calgary Flames(-1)

The Flames move down a spot again this week. However, they are still the best in the league in goals against per game averaging 2.00 goals. Johnny Gaudreau has been on fire scoring 27 points in 24 games, and Elias Lindholm has 24 points in as many games.

No.7: Edmonton Oilers (-3)

For the first time in a while, the Oilers fall out of the top five. The Oilers are starting to fall into their old habits of relying on the power play a little too much for their offensive output. They rely on it for good reason, with it being best in the league at 34.3 percent. If they can get their depth involved in the offense and not just Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, they could get back into the top five.

No.6: Carolina Hurricanes (-4)

Another shocking drop comes in the form of the Hurricanes. They are 5-4-1 in their last 10, which has a big impact on them dropping here with the teams around them going on impressive streaks. Don’t worry, Hurricanes fans. This drop likely won’t be for very long.

No.5: Toronto Maple Leafs (+0)

The Maple Leafs stay put at five this week. They are 7-2-1 in their last ten games and continue to be in the top five of goals against per game sitting at 2.35 goals against per game. They are playing some great hockey as of late and may make a case to go higher into the rankings.

No.4: Minnesota Wild (+2)

What a game the Wild had with the Maple Leafs. They were able to come out victorious and extend their winning streak to six games. They currently sit at third-best in the league in goals per game averaging 3.71 goals. Kirill Kaprizov has been absolutely on fire during this streak, now sitting at 24 points in 21 games, and Ryan Hartman has been absolutely incredible with 21 points in 24 games.

No.3: Washington Capitals (-2)

The Capitals have entered the race for the top spot, but this week they pop back down to third. They are fifth in goals per game averaging 3.52 goals. They are also fourth-best in goals against per game averaging 2.44 goals. Alex Ovechkin continues to chase history, so if another reason is needed to watch this team, watch for Ovi Watch.

No.2: New York Rangers (+6)

Well hello, Rangers. Nice to see you up this high in the rankings. A six-game winning streak will certainly do that for a team. They are fifth in goals against per game averaging 2.48 goals. However, their offense is still something for concern, so they might not be up here for long.

No.1: Florida Panthers (+2)

Welcome back Florida. Nice to see you again. Yes, the Panthers are back at the top spot. A three-game winning streak is a nice rebound from a couple of tough losses. They’ve slipped out of the top 10 in goals against per game, but they are still second in goals per game averaging 3.83 goals. But that being said, the Panthers have a lot of worthy challengers, and that will be something to monitor from week to week.

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