NHL- Eastern Conference

NHL- Eastern Conference

David Quinn Fired By New York Rangers

A tumultuous week for New York Rangers fans continued Wednesday morning as the team announced that David Quinn has been fired as their head coach after three seasons behind the bench.

Rangers Week in Review: Turn Out the Lights, the Season’s Over

The 2020-21 season for the New York Rangers ended this week as they faced the Washington Capitals and the Boston Bruins. There were some surprises in store for players and fans alike, and everyone seemed to be on board the Tom Wilson hate train.

Tom Wilson Verdict Shines a Light on NHL Inconsistencies

On Monday night, Capitals forward Tom Wilson punched Rangers player Pavel Buchnevich while he was in a defenseless position. Wilson then proceeded to slam Buchnevich’s protector, Artemi Panarin, which caused Panarin to miss the rest of the game, and most likely the remainder of the 2020-21 season.

Rangers Week in Review: Fair-to-Middling With a 99.9% Chance of No Playoffs

The victory over the Buffalo Sabres gave the Rangers yet another three-game winning streak, keeping playoff hopes alive. However, as the week went on and they faced the New York Islanders for two games, those hopes slowly started to dwindle.

Rangers Week in Review: Still Chasing The Playoffs

The New York Rangers’ week was looking great until the games started. They had the misfortune of going up against a playoff contender, a team trying to get to the playoffs, and a team at the bottom of the division.

NHL: Central Division Playoff Race Heating Up

The NHL is in the latter stages of the regular season, and teams have made their choice of whether to go for the playoffs or stock up and try again next year. When the NHL made the new divisional alignment prior to the 2020-21 season, the Central Division was in for a fight.

Rangers Week in Review: How Sweep It Is

Everyone knows the old saying about insanity. What if, instead of wanting a different outcome on each attempt, people wanted the same one. Is that still considered insane? Perhaps, but the New York Rangers never back down from a challenge.

Rangers Week in Review: It’s Carnival Season, Step Right Up to the Ride

Someone needs to tell the New York Rangers they’re in the wrong line. They’re standing in line for the roller coaster again when the line for the playoffs is to their right.

Caufield, Bernard-Docker Highlight NCAA’s Presence at NHL Level

The college boys have arrived. With the 2020-21 NCAA hockey season and Frozen Four tournament now behind us, NHL general managers are looking into notable prospects and what comes next in their development.

Kyle Palmieri’s Absence Suggests an Imminent Trade… but to Who?

The New Jersey Devils lost 5-4 to the Washington Capitals on Easter Sunday, but that was far from the most important story of the day.