NFL Player Interview: Lukas Denis

Givanni Damico | June 7th, 2019


Welcome to the first NFL Player Interview that I’ve conducted. I spoke with Lukas Denis, rookie safety for the Buccaneers out of Boston College, about his experiences at Boston College and who has impacted his career the most so far. Thanks to Lukas for taking time out of his day to speak with me and give a great interview.

Gio: Who was your biggest role model growing up?

Lukas: Biggest role model goes to my mom, hands down.


Gio: Who has influenced your career the most up to this point?

Lukas: My biggest influence up to this point, well I’d say it’s split in half. In my younger days, it was my high school coach John DiBiaso, who I met in elementary school. Then the second half was my defensive backs coach at Boston College, Anthony Campanile.


Gio: How do you think your experience at Boston College helped you grow as a player and as a person?

Lukas: My experience at Boston College taught me more about myself as a person and life itself. Nothing was ever given at BC. Everything had to be earned and I think that correlates directly to life. If you want it, go get it.


Gio: What do you think that your biggest strength is?

Lukas: My biggest strength is my eagerness to learn. I love talking football and learning new ways to dissect the game. Doing that makes the game easier.


Gio: What do you think is the thing that you need to work on most is?

Lukas: The thing i could work on the most is, well, I want to be great at everything I do. I’ve recently heard that being great is just being good consistently. I want to be extremely consistent and dependable.


Gio: Who (if anyone) do you try to model parts of your game after?

Lukas: There really isn’t anyone that I model my game after, but I could watch Earl Thomas film and never get bored. He does some outstanding things and if I could take a little piece of his game and incorporate it into mine, it would benefit me.


Gio: Do you have a hidden talent that not many people know about?

Lukas: I’m sort of a jack of all trades. I can learn things really fast. I taught myself how to draw, paint, do photography, etc. I guess it’s just that I can figure out how to do things pretty fast, so I’m a quick learner.

Thanks again to Lukas for giving a fantastic interview!

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