New York Yankees: Luis Severino huge key to postseason run


Luis Severino finally pitched off the mound at Yankees Stadium for the first time just a few days ago, on August 18, as he gets close to returning. After pitching off the mound, both he and the Yankees’ management felt pretty optimistic. The Yankees have not put a timetable on his return just of yet, however, as he has faced several setbacks with the rotator cuff inflammation and lat strain. The hope is that he can start rehab or simulated games soon, and keep progressing on his return.

The Yankees’ weakest link all season has been their pitching — especially their starting rotation. But even their bullpen has struggled at times, while other times being the best in the league. Some of it has to do with injuries, as they have had several pitchers go down throughout the season. But it has also been just plain struggling.

Severino has stated he would be down to pitch out of the bullpen for the Yankees if needed. He could be a long-man who could give three to four innings. Even if he started games and went three to four innings, it would be good for the Yankees, as they could then go to their other solid arms out of the ‘pen. One idea could also be using Severino as the guy to follow an opener — the “bulk” guy. Any way the Yankees want to use him would help them.


In Severino’s first few seasons, he has shot out of the gate and pitched great in the first half, but ultimately fell off in the second half and has not nearly been the ace he was supposed to be. But now, this season, he should return by mid-September, and the final few weeks of the season could be his first half. He will definitely be a little rusty out of the gate once he returns, but the Yankees are already locking up the AL East and are only really playing for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. So, the Yankees can afford him being rusty and taking his time to get back to ace form. Once he is there, he should be able to ride that right into the playoffs.

No matter the game situation, Severino will certainly be able to give the Yankees innings. He will be the most important player to the Yankees throughout the playoffs. The Yankees have missed that one key guy who can give innings anywhere in the game and be effective. Severino should be just that, and he could carry them in the playoffs as they make a run at ring No. 28.


Severino might not be the start of the postseason, but he will be very important. He’s the Yankees’ big piece they have been missing, and since they made no major trades, he and Dellin Betances are what they get.

And yeah, I didn’t even mention Betances until now, but he should be huge for the bullpen as well.

I’ll save that for another article though.


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