New England Patriots True or False: June Edition

New England Patriots True or False May Edition

The start of the regular season is still quite a ways away, but football is starting to return. OTAs have begun and for the New England Patriots, it has been a very eventful time. The Patriots have seen some of the highest attendance in the league, and have mixed some old faces with the new. A fresh set of True or False questions have come up about this team because of minicamps. Let’s get into them.

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Mac Jones is Really Making a Push at Cam Newton?

True. Before minicamps, this seemed a bit more untrue than it actually is at the moment. Now, it seems to be a legit battle. Jones still probably won’t win but the reports we’ve heard out of minicamp have been very encouraging. Reporters have said a variety of things about Jones’ play, some even saying that Bill Belichick and the Patriots coaching staff has been “blown away” by Jones early on. This doesn’t mean Jones will be the opening day starter by any means but it could mean that Newton sits on a shorter leash than we once thought.

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The Patriots are Serious About Julio Jones?

True. We’ve heard tons of reports about this, and the Patriots were initially the favorite to land Jones. As of now, the Patriots’ interest seems to be cooling off but that doesn’t mean they won’t go after him. Jones has stated that he wants to play in New England with Newton, and that’s pretty much all fans need to hear to make them want a deal. It is a little trickier than that, however. Jones would probably have to restructure his contract if he came to New England. Nevertheless, he probably would do this, thus the reason why the Patriots are still right in the mix. Landing Jones would be monumental for this offense and they’d see an insane improvement from last year’s wide receiver group to this year’s. 

New England Will Have a Top-10 Offense?

False. We asked this question last month about New England having a top-10 defense and the answer was true. Top-10 for this offensive unit seems a bit unrealistic. This is the first season with all these new weapons and it will take a little bit of time to get going. However, a big improvement in their rank should be expected. Last season, the Patriots ranked 24th in the league in offense. This was with the worst wide receiving core and tight end core in the league. Now, the offense is revamped and should be at least top-15 in the league. Now, the answer to this question would be totally different if the Patriots were to land Jones but only time will tell if that is to happen.

The Patriots Benefit Most from an Actual Offseason?

True. The word most is a little grey but they will certainly be one of the highest beneficiaries from an actual offseason this year. In last year’s COVID-19 offseason, the team was not able to jell together and new quarterback Newton was not able to get going. With a ton of new additions this season and Newton getting more familiar with the offense, the team will easily benefit, and it all started with great attendance at OTAs.

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