NBA Week 25: Unmissable Games

NBA Unmissable games 2022

The first day of the week starts off with the NCAA’s championship game which will be followed by the last six days of the NBA regular season. Everyone will now focus on the final team standings before they fill up another bracket. That’s right. After filling up those NCAA brackets last month which eventually got busted, hoop heads will now have to fill up another one for the NBA playoffs. Here are the highly anticipated games for the coming week.

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April 5 and 6

The spotlight turns to the Chicago Bulls, as they host the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics in back-to-back days. Two electrifying teams visiting the United Center must be the buzz in the Windy City for the upcoming week. If you could only watch one game, what would it be? The game featuring the defending champs or the game against the surging Celtics?

The Bulls looked to be putting together the kind of breakout that fans envisioned once DeMar DeRozan started clicking in the first half of the season. However, the story of how they cannot seem to beat the top teams in the East quickly drowned out those “Bulls are back” chants. Maybe things would unfold differently if Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso had not missed significant time due to injuries.

April 6

The Los Angeles Clippers only have one playoff-bound opponent in the last week of the regular season and it happens to be the best team in the NBA. Fans of the Clippers are hoping that Paul George, who was activated last week after being away for three months, is all warmed-up and ready to go. A win against a healthy Phoenix Suns team could be a confidence-booster as they enter the Play-In Tournament.

April 7

The Celtics and the Bucks will be playing a big role in the East’s playoff positioning battle and that’s what makes this game a little more heart-stopping. The Celtics already beat the Bucks twice in three meetings this season, so look for the Bucks to retaliate to even the season series. Milwaukee has a healthy Brook Lopez this time, while the Celtics lost Robert Williams III to injury.

Boston was not supposed to be here. They were way down in the standings around three months ago. That’s when they started their incredible ongoing run. Winning nine in a row at one point while also discovering their new defensive powers, the juggernaut Celtics suddenly entered the four-team battle for the number one spot in the Eastern Conference.

April 10: Last Day of Regular Season

It will only take a quick look at the schedule for fans to realize that every team will be playing on this day. It may look hectic as you scan the 15 games but don’t be fooled. With majority of the teams eliminated or having secured their playoff spot, teams might just rest their stars and let the bench players participate in several non-bearing games.

There are at least three questions to ask during the last few days of the season. What will the top four in the East look like? Who gets the eighth, ninth, and 10th seeds in the East? Lastly, are the San Antonio Spurs overtaking the Los Angeles Lakers for the last Play-In Tournament spot in the West? Fans already have their own answers to these questions but anything can happen. Based on the type of season it’s been, something out of the blue is going to blow expectations away.

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