NBA Week 10: Unmissable Games

NBA Unmissable Games Christmas 2021

It’s Christmas week, and NBA fans will be counting and opening their presents soon. One of those gifts will be the much-awaited “Five-Games-on-Christmas-Day” marathon. It’s unique, because the games will all have different start times. Full concentration is now plausible. No more watching one game while keeping an eye on another game’s scoreboard scenario. Let’s see what’s in store for us in Week 10 (December 20-26) of the NBA.

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December 20

The Oklahoma City Thunder going up against the Memphis Grizzlies might not spark excitement at first glance. Fans may not have to be reminded of the fact that the Grizzlies massacred the Thunder earlier this month to make this game more appealing. That 73-point loss will be fresh in the minds of the Thunder squad. It will be intriguing to see how they’ll play this time. Can they avoid another beatdown?

December 21

Phoenix Suns versus Los Angeles Lakers matchup looks like a game you’d see in a Christmas Day schedule. So it’s like hoop fans are getting an early gift this week. Will this game be less dramatic? The first meeting between these two teams gave fans one of the most memorable scenes of the current NBA season. Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis having a verbal confrontation was a viral moment. There was even a fan ejection after a courtside fan and Rajon Rondo somehow had a heated exchange of words. The next thing you knew, the fan was being escorted out of the arena.

December 25: Early Game

Guess who’s coming to Madison Square Garden again? Trae Young. Do you remember him? He’s the one who told the crowd to keep quiet after he made a clutch shot in last season’s playoffs. Images of him in the “It’s too quiet in here!” pose come to mind. He’s the one who made a bow as if he just performed on Broadway. He’s the one who made Spike Lee’s life miserable for a few weeks. This was the moment when Young became a loveable villain. There was no choice but to admire his guts after that performance.

December 25: Finals Preview?

Friends, family, food – these components will be surrounding NBA fans as they watch the Lakers play the Brooklyn Nets on Christmas Day. Even non-NBA fans will be turning their televisions on and using this game as background noise as they host their guests. A few seconds after last season ended, fans were already saying that the Lakers should meet the Nets in the next NBA Finals. Expect this game to be streamed on every high-tech device with a screen.

Forecast: Raining Threes

The big story this week was about Stephen Curry grabbing the No. 1 spot in three-pointers made in history. It didn’t end there though. The next day, three-pointers were everywhere. Austin Reaves made a three just before the buzzer to beat the Dallas Mavericks. Anthony Edwards joined the shooting spree and shot 10-of-14 from three-point land on his way to scoring 38 points. Lastly, we witnessed what could easily be a top-10 buzzer-beater of the year when Devonte’ Graham hit a 60-foot game-winning shot. The long ball seems to be the theme right now and for NBA fans, waiting for the “next player to get hot from long distance” will be a weekly habit.

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