NBA Week 1: Unmissable Games

Lakers-Nuggets, 2023-24 NBA Season Games To Watch

NBA action is finally here.

Last time we saw a meaningful game, the Denver Nuggets were busy eliminating the Miami Heat. It only took 19 weeks of waiting, right?

Well, it was worth the wait.

To get everyone caught up on all the upcoming excitement, let’s take a look at some of the top games that the first week can offer.


October 24: Los Angeles Lakers at Denver Nuggets

The Los Angeles Lakers will watch as the Nuggets receive their championship rings on opening night. How’s that for a first game of the season? The Lakers, who were swept by the Nuggets five months ago, will be highly motivated to spoil the celebration. Los Angeles recently retooled its roster, so don’t be surprised if the Lakers pull out a win.


October 24: Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors

Let us ask a few questions here. Did Chris Paul join Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to form a big three? Did Bradley Beal join Kevin Durant and Devin Booker to form their own big three? Did Paul recently play for the Suns, and is Durant a former Warrior? If “yes” was the answer to all those questions, then we will just have to sit back and enjoy the show.

October 25: Dallas Mavericks at San Antonio Spurs

Any game featuring Luka Doncic is usually an automatic must-watch game. How can you say no to seeing someone score, pass, and rebound as he dominates the basketball court? Now, we can add one more “must-watch” player to the list. He goes by the name Victor Wembanyama, in case you haven’t been reading the news. It’s only fitting that Doncic gets to welcome someone like Wembanyama to the league.

October 26: Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers and the Suns just met in the preseason, but no one is really minding the result of that game. The only takeaway from the Suns’ victory is that, for one game, Phoenix’s bench was better. Now, it’s time to watch them play in a game where everyone gets meaningful minutes.

October 27: Miami Heat at Boston Celtics

Are Boston’s fans ready for this game? Last time they met, the Celtics were embarrassed in a Game 7 at home. Ouch! Boston blew its chance to advance, and the wound is still fresh. Now, the Celtics have to face their demons by hosting the same team that eliminated them.


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