NBA Rumors: New Orleans Pelicans could trade Brandon Ingram for ‘All-Star type player’


Levon Satamian| July 16th, 2019

Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart were traded to the New Orleans Pelicans a few months ago for Anthony Davis.

Brandon Ingram is the best talent out of those three players, and he’s proven it with the Lakers. In the last six games before getting injured, post-All-Star break, Ingram averaged 28.9 points per game, as a second option on the offensive end. If the Pelicans utilize Ingram correctly, he could be a special player, and one they would regret trading.


The reason why I’m bringing up the trade part is that, according to Brad Botkin of CBS Sports, Ingram could be traded again, before February’s trade deadline.

“The New Orleans Pelicans think they’re going to be a good team right away, and they’re not wrong. This is a good roster. It’s also a highly flexible situation with a lot of players and assets many teams would be interested in. I can see New Orleans, which has a lot of wing depth, entertaining a deal centered on Ingram and future draft picks for a second All-Star-type player to put next to Holiday.”


With the addition of veterans such as Derrick Favors and J.J. Redick, the Pelicans believe they have a chance to compete in the playoffs. This team has a mixture of rookies, young players, and veterans, that could help contribute to wins for New Orleans. However, they should not trade Brandon Ingram. They should first try trading Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart, and if they can’t find any team to trade with for an ‘All-Star type player’ then look to trade Ingram, if that’s the last resort.

The Pelicans drafted very well, as we all know, with the first pick in the NBA draft, they selected Zion Williamson. With the eighth pick in the draft, they selected Jaxson Hayes, with the seventeenth pick in the draft, they selected Nickeil Alexander-Walker, and in the second round, they drafted Marcos Louzada Silva. Add all those players, along with the players that came in the Anthony Davis trade, and the Pelicans will be an entertaining team to watch.

A back-court of Jrue Holiday and Lonzo Ball will be one of the best defensive back-courts in the league, and a frontcourt trio of Brandon Ingram-Zion Williamson-Jaxson Hayes will be fun to watch. But, that remains to be seen, if the Pelicans do make a trade for an All-Star type player, or not.

If they are in win-now mode, they should make the trade. However, if they keep the players they have currently on the roster, they will be a dangerous team for years to come. As Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Jaxson Hayes, Nickiel Walker-Alexander, and of course Zion Williamson develop their game, they could be a nightmare for the opposition.


Unless the Pelicans can land a Bradley Beal type player, they should not trade Brandon Ingram. They should develop him, along with Zion, and they could be a great duo in the future. As long as Ingram remains healthy, and gets enough touches, he will be a special talent in the NBA, for years to come.

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