NBA Playoffs 2024: Family Feud?

NBA Family Feud - Brothers in Law Stephen Curry, Damion Lee

It is common for NBA teams to employ people from the same family. Just look at the Orlando Magic, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Do you know what those teams have in common? They all have players who are brothers.

For those who are unfamiliar, we are talking about the Antetokounmpos who play for Milwaukee, the Wagners who are doing wonders for Orlando, and the Mobleys who suit up for Cleveland.

Those brothers are at peace now because they are all teammates, but what would happen if they were on different squads and had to play each other in the postseason? Well, right now, we have at least five potential family feuds in the making.


The Holidays

While a Denver Nuggets versus Boston Celtics matchup in the NBA Finals would be a dream scenario for fans, it might not be the same for the Holiday family. That means one of the Holiday brothers will have to go home empty-handed while the other celebrates another title. Jrue Holiday won his first ring when he played for Milwaukee while Justin Holiday won his when he was a member of the Golden State Warriors in 2015.

The Morris Twins

Are Marcus Morris‘ Cleveland Cavaliers and the Markieff Morris‘ Dallas Mavericks facing each other in the NBA Finals? Both teams are not favorites, so “no” might be the answer. Perhaps that could be a good thing for the Morris family. If the twins don’t battle each other, their families will be spared from choosing which relative to root for.


The Toppins

If the New York Knicks somehow faced the Indiana Pacers, everyone would love to watch the reactions from the Toppin family. They would see Indiana’s Obi Toppin and New York’s Jacob Toppin in the same series. The siblings were recently spotted working together last February when Obi helped Jacob set up some of his dunks during the All-Star Weekend.

The Alexanders

They could call this “Clash of the Cousins” if this scenario played out. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Nickeil Alexander-Walker of the Minnesota Timberwolves could face each other if their respective teams build deep postseason runs. Their teams were just involved in that thrilling race for the West’s No. 1 spot and wouldn’t mind seeing each other in the NBA Playoffs.

The Curry-Lee Reunion

Brothers-in-law on any other day, but possible foes if fate would allow it. That is what Stephen Curry must be thinking about if his Golden State Warriors were to face the Phoenix Suns and Damion Lee. Lee, of course, is married to Curry’s sister. Perhaps that could bring up some weird family conversations. Who will they root for in a Suns-Warriors series?

Main Image Credit: NBA on X


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