NBA DFS Core Four 8/24/20

What an extremely exceptional day of basketball yesterday! Luka Doncic is a man possessed putting up video game-like stats, to the Brooklyn Nets getting blown out. There was a little bit of everything in yesterday’s games. But, today let’s make some money. So let’s find those golden plays.

NBA DFS Core Four 8/19/20

With the playoffs underway, we have a jam-packed day of basketball. I’m here to tell you my favorite four plays to help you make some serious money!

NBA DFS Core Four 8/17/2020

The NBA playoffs are upon us after one of the weirdest seasons ever and we’re ready to make bank. Here are our DFS picks for Monday.

NBA DFS Core Four 8/14/20

We are back with a lot of fun games today! With so many players being rested today, we are going to find those bargain plays to help us make a lot of money! Let’s get to it!

NBA DFS Core Four 8/12/20

We are back with another edition of Core Four! We are making bank with our plays and we hope to continue that trend! Lots of fun games and players today so let’s get right to it!

NBA DFS Core Four 8/10/20

We are back with another edition of Core Four. A few of our plays last night got hurt but stuffed the stat sheet before departing. Let’s hope for a healthier

NBA DFS Core Four 8/9/20

We are back with our edition of Core Four! We got seven games today on a jam-packed day. Let’s get to it and find those value plays to help you

NBA DFS Core Four 8/6/2020

We are back with another edition of “Core Four”! We have a lot of good games tonight and lots of money to be made! So let’s get to it on

NBA DFS Core Four 8/3/2020

We are back with tons of money to be made! Our plays are hitting and hitting big so well keep giving you guys free money!

NBA DFS Core Four 8/2/2020

We made bank Friday night! Huge thanks to our players Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard and DeMar DeRozan! Right off our list! Today’s another today to make bank so let’s get