National Gridiron League Looking to Bounce Back

The National Gridiron League was supposed to kick off their inaugural season in March. However, due to multiple issues, the league decided to suspend their first season until 2020.

“Postponing until 2020 was in the best interest of our players and fans,” president Joe McClendon told Inside the Arena. “We have one opportunity to do this and taking the additional time was the correct action, although it was unpopular and tough it was correct. I was working and speaking with venue and city officials throughout the process.”

Many involved with different teams across the league posted about how the league owed them money. Others posted some venues hadn’t heard of the team that was supposed to play there.

There was also controversy on the league’s radio show, which was hosted by blogtalkradio, in which a caller impersonating a coach asked about the host’s breasts. McClendon responded to all that, as well.

“Those prank calls were inappropriate, but its our job to screen those callers. We hired an experienced group that’ll do great,” he said. “There was no controversy for our board and lead executives. There was only controversy by those not in the know.

“What I learned in this industry is often people speak out of turn because they desire to be the first, when truly the have no idea. Even some of our team staff members,” he continued. “With so many prior failures in spring football I learned their is so much fear, everyone is scared. I don’t operate like if it did not come from me its baseless.”

The league has also put together a media team “to take our digital platforms to the next level,” as McClendon explained. “In today’s climate, that’s extremely important. Fans will get a much better experience this year.”The National Gridiron League will kick off their inaugural season on March 28, 2020, McClendon said. The schedule is set to be released in September.

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