Mike McCarthy Takes Questions on Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper

INDIANAPOLIS – When Mike McCarthy stepped up to the podium for his first NFL Scouting Combine presser as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he was prepared for the onslaught.

Amid an offseason filled with countless issues regarding free agency, a barrage of questions was awaiting, and McCarthy did his best to quell the rumors swirling within, and outside his new home at 1 AT&T Way in Arlington, Texas.

It only took a few seconds for the first question regarding Dak Prescott, and whether he remains the franchise quarterback.

“With Dak, I think what he’s done to this point speaks to itself,” McCarthy said. “Really, Dak, he’s in a business situation right now. I’ve been going through this with a number of my players in the past, and I think like anything, it’s just time to be patient, and let the business work out the business matter.”

The media wasn’t finished. Shortly thereafter, McCarthy was asked a follow-up, as to whether he felt that the Cowboys should consider placing the franchise tag on Prescott, which would guarantee another year of service with a price of approximately $27 million. McCarthy simply noted that the Cowboys are working toward a new deal.

Then, there remains the issue of bringing back the likes of Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb. Last season, the duo combined for a total of 134 receptions, finishing with 2,017 yards and 11 touchdowns.

“I think the goal is to have both of those guys back,” McCarthy told reporters. “Just Amari, having a chance to get through all the tape with the staff, he did a lot of great things…and really looks like he’s in sync with Dak. And I’d even say, Randall, even more so. I was impressed with Randall last year. He was banged up a couple years prior to that, but I thought he had a heck of a season with Dallas last year.”

Somehow, even Dallas ended up being reported as a potential suitor for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over the last few weeks, be it through back channels or speculation regarding Prescott.

McCarthy was having none of the conversation when it was brought up.

“I have no comment on that,” McCarthy said.

As for the newly-proposed NFL CBA, which could very well be passed and agreed upon in the days to come, McCarthy is a fan of multiple facets of the plan. Most notably the addition of one playoff game, along with shortening the preseason to a three-game schedule.

“I think going to the third preseason game makes total sense,” McCarthy said. “I think everyone’s in agreement on that. I like that. I think it really gives you a chance to step back, because that last week is difficult. You’ve got a number of balls in the air, where you’re trying to pick your 53 (players), make sure you develop, give the young guys opportunities. But you’re also trying to get ready for the opener. So I think going to three games makes perfect sense.”

McCarthy would continue.

“The extra playoff game, I think is awesome,” said McCarthy. “There’s nothing like playoff football. It’s a whole, different level, and everybody that’s been involved in the playoffs understands that. So I think it will definitely be great for the fans.”

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