Mets’ Stroman Talks 2020 Season: “I Got New Weapons”

During today’s press conference, New York Mets starter Marcus Stroman touched on many items regarding the shortened season, the Mets’ potential, his body, and what can be expected of him.

This season, MLB will be without the energy of fans. However, Stroman said that that will not be an issue as he can bring his own energy and channel that in-game. The guys in the clubhouse have enough energy to help propel them to great things.

Stroman is a hard worker and has completed some very intriguing workouts throughout his career. This offseason, he continued his normal training during the hiatus. He also worked out almost every day with Mets teammate, Dom Smith. Accompanied by his trainer, Stroman’s daily schedule consisted of long-toss, recovery machines, and working out in his gym.

Stroman is expected to be one of the premier free agents this offseason. While he doesn’t focus on that, he does consider himself one of the best available and knows that he is the youngest.

He has stressed many times that he likes to take things day by day and not worry too much into the future. He even appeared pleasantly surprised when a reporter brought up the fact that it was his ninth season. Stroman feels that once he has certainty as to where he will be for a full season, that will help bring out the best in him and propel him to greatness.

When asked about the racism in society, Stroman advised that all people should take a step back and look outside their box and comfort zone, which will help everyone comprehend why the world is in its current state.

Stroman wasn’t able to put his finger on the biggest challenge for this season but mentioned that the Mets have been doing a really good job at making the atmosphere feel safe.

Always a hard worker no matter the circumstance, Stroman said that “fans can expect me to compete at the highest level.” He will be accountable for himself and feels that he can go six-plus innings every start. He wants to be a horse and is not afraid of any hitter that steps into the box.

On his physical condition, Stroman said that he feels even stronger than during spring and is just as flexible and fluid.

Discussing his pitch mix, Stroman said, “I got some new weapons. I’m equipped and ready. I have one of the best sinkers and sliders in the game and I can use my four-seam up in the zone, as well as my cutter for any count.”

Stroman said that he expects to use his four-seam much more as he is more comfortable with it.

When asked about the rotation, Stroman explained that he doesn’t really care what number he gets tabbed because he just wants to start. According to the right-hander, the loss of Noah Syndergaard is huge as he is one of the “best arms in the game.” Stroman feels an added pressure with that loss and plans to step up his game even more.  He also feels that the Mets have an incredible rotation led by “the best pitcher in baseball” in Jacob deGrom with Steven Matz, Michael Wacha, and Rick Porcello to round out the staff.

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