Medical Explanation of Dak Prescott’s Ankle Injury

The Dallas Cowboys had a season altering event on Sunday. With the game tied in the third quarter, Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott took off on a designed draw play. At the end of the play, after planting his foot he was hit by the defender and the combination of his positioning and the force of the tackle resulted in a very serious ankle injury.

The Injury

We now know he suffered a compound and dislocated right ankle and has already had surgery to repair the ankle. What exactly does all this medical mumbo jumbo mean. Basically, a compound fracture is a very serious injury. When the bone breaks it pokes through the skin to the outside. As a result of this break in the skin, there is an increased risk of serious infection as well as damage to the multiple nerves and blood vessels in the foot and ankle. Besides the fracture, the ankle also dislocated which means the tendons and ligaments that are supposed to hold the ankle in position were also damaged.

The Recovery

Before leaving the field yesterday, the onfield medical staff stabilized and reduced the dislocation and put a sterile dressing over the opening in the skin to try to minimize the risk of infection. They also placed the ankle into an immobilizer to try and prevent further injury while he was transported to the hospital. The reduction of the dislocation is very important to try and prevent serious damage to the nerves and blood vessels in the foot and ankle.

Dr. Eugene Curry of the Carrell Clinic in Dallas, a renowned foot and ankle surgeon was consulted by the Cowboys to perform the needed surgery. Prescott underwent surgery Sunday night to stabilize the ankle and the fractured bone. He will most likely be non or limited weight-bearing while the ankle heals. This will take about six to eight weeks. Once he can bear weight on the ankle he will begin rehab. Going through extensive physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and maximize the range of motion in the injured ankle. The range of motion is the key to recovery. If the scar tissue is not managed it can lead to future problems.

He is expected to be discharged home today to begin the process of recovery. Assuming he has no complications from the injury or the surgery. He should be back by the time the team begins their offseason preparation for the 2021 season.


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