Marlon Davidson: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Givanni Damico | November 23rd, 2019 

Marlon Davidson, DL/EDGE, Auburn #3

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 278 LBs

Class: Senior

Games I’ve watched: at Florida (2019), vs. Oregon (2019), at LSU (2019), at Alabama (2018)

Davidson is a veteran leader who returned to Auburn for his senior season in order to fulfill a promise to his late mother that he would provide for her. Even after her death, Davidson’s plan never changed. As he trends closer and closer to becoming a day one pick, his goal looms even closer. But he does not need to be a first-round pick to fulfill this promise. Davidson has the traits to be a leader in the NFL. Let’s see how he grades out.


Davidson lines up as a defensive tackle, a three-tech, and an edge rusher for Auburn. I will be grading him as an edge rusher, although I see him having more success as a defensive tackle at the next level. 

I grade on a 100-point scale being distributed 10 ways with 10 different criteria. For EDGE rushers these criteria include: Frame, Speed, Strength, Bend, POA, Pursuit, Hands, Pass Rush, Run Stopping, Block Shedding


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9.5/10 At 6’3”, 278 pounds, Davidson has a great frame for a versatile player. This frame allows him to line up as a 3-tech, edge rusher, or as a smaller defensive tackle. 


6.5/10 Davidson is a pretty slow player. His long speed is quite disappointing and he can’t accelerate to catch the ballcarrier from behind. While he is a pretty athletic player, his lack of speed can lead to big plays.


9.5/10 Davidson makes up for his lack of speed with his immense strength. He is an anchor that is hard for offensive linemen to bring down.


7.5/10 This is inconsistent in Davidson’s game. Sometimes his bend is impressive and he is able to detach from his lineman and get to the quarterback/ballcarrier. Other times, he gets stuck and makes zero impact on the play.

Point Of Attack

8/10 Davidson’s point of attack varies, but he normally is able to penetrate pretty well. His first move is strong, allowing him to create pressure on the quarterback. He doesn’t always make a play on the quarterback, but his presence makes the quarterback feel a sense of panic. I was impressed with Davidson’s point of attack in the LSU game. He consistently got off of his blocker and pressured Joe Burrow.


6/10 His lack of speed causes him to struggle in pursuit of the ballcarrier. If he doesn’t make a play head-on, right away, he rarely is able to do much else. So if he gets beat immediately, his presence isn’t even known.

Hand Placement

8.5/10 Davidson shows advanced technique with his hand placement, but he is often unable to detach from his blocker. 


8.5/10 As I said earlier, Davidson is normally able to at least create a bit of pressure on most plays where he’s rushing the passer. He has a pretty good spin-move for someone with limited speed and his first move allows him to break through the line of scrimmage. 


6.5/10 This is a major flaw in Davidson’s game. He has trouble making plays through blockers in order to bring the running back down. Once the ballcarrier breaks through the line of scrimmage, Davidson is unable to make an impact on plays.


7.5/10 Davidson is hit-or-miss in this department. He makes big plays to get off of his blocker and make a disruption, but he also has time to break off of his blockers at times. This is especially true in the run game.


77.5/100 I love Davidson’s leadership and he flashes brilliance at times. My main problem with him is his inconsistency. He is either making a play on the quarterback, or you don’t even know on the field. He’s a slow player who struggles with acceleration. His first move is powerful and allows him to burst through the line at times, but he doesn’t have much of a move (other than a pretty solid spin move) after that. I see a lot of potential for Davidson to grow as a player and his young leadership will be valued by NFL teams.

Round Grade: Mid-Second

Projected Draft Position: Late Second – Early Third

Pro Comparison: Trey Flowers

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