Los Angeles Rams Pre Free Agency Seven Round Mock Draft


Brendan Abban | February 29th, 2020 

It is the best time of the year, NFL Draft season. Where fans and analysts alike debate about what players will best improve their team in the pursuit of a championship. Some teams have more needs than others. While some are just looking to add depth wherever they can. The Los Angeles Rams are no different.

The Rams missed the playoffs last season with a 9-7 record. A year removed from making it to the Super Bowl. There are definitely areas of weakness that the Rams will be looking to address come the NFL Draft.


Particularly, holes that may correlate to free-agent departures. Key positions players such as offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth, defensive tackle Michael Brockers, and linebackers Cory Littleton and Dante Fowler are all free agents. Unfortunately, we do not have the means to tell the future at this time so we do not know who will be returning.

This mock draft will proceed with the limited knowledge of the prospective free agents going into the draft. The Rams do not have a first-round pick in 2020 following the Jalen Ramsey trade last year.


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Round 2, Pick 52: Jordyn Brooks, LB, Texas Tech

The Rams defense has seen a makeover over the past few seasons and could experience another one once free agency occurs. Particularly, after parting ways with former defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. It is wise for the Rams to sure up their defense with Brooks who will be one of the best available players at this juncture in the draft.

Barring the departure of linebackers Littleton and Bryce Hager, Brooks will fill in the holes their departures might create. The Rams have made it a point to state that they want Littleton back, which would lend Brooks to providing depth more than anything. However, his skills of playing the line and sound tackling will be a big addition for the Rams. In his final season at Texas Tech, he had a career-high 108 tackles with two fumble recoveries and one forced fumble.

Round 3, Pick 84: Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin

The Rams offensive line was a huge area of concern last season dealing with multiple injuries. It did feel as though they put together a makeshift line at times due to the injuries. This obviously took its toll on the offense as a whole, limiting both the passing and running game. Depth is one of the more important components to winning and it is something the Rams have lacked. Biadasz can add that. He is a former consensus First-Team All Big-Ten player and was the highest-rated center (88.7) by Pro Football Focus in 2018 per Fan Speak.


He is a former defensive lineman who notes his athletic ability. However, he truly came into form when he made the switch to the offensive side of the ball. He was also key to the success of former teammate Jonathan Taylor and his rushing domination.

Round 4, Pick 123: Brandon Jones, S, Texas

While many will want to focus on offense since that has been the Rams staple for years, their defense needs to improve. Despite the Rams defense touting talents like Aaron Donald and Ramsey, last year they were 17th in points and 13th in yards allowed. It is unclear if the offense will reach its prior form with the health of Todd Gurley in question. As a result, the defense will need to be the anchor that can steady the ship more often. The retirement of Eric Weddle does create a need at the safety position that Jones can assist in filling.

Round 4, Pick 137: Kenny Willekes, DE, Michigan State

Willekes is another pick that will add depth to a Rams defensive line that has a level of uncertainty surrounding it. Current outside rushers Fowler and Morgan Fox may leave the team this Summer. Particularly, because the Rams have so many big names to pay that it limits the money that they can spread out to the rest of the roster.

Willekes can play a big role in solidifying the Rams defense. Particularly, their rushing defense. His high motor will ensure he does not give up on plays which is huge at the end position.

Round 6, Pick 199: Ben Bartch, OT, Saint Johns

The Rams need their offense to retool and bounce back after it took a step back last year. However, Whitworth’s possible departure may lead to a lack of depth at the position. The offensive line is the most important unit on the field and is the pillars that keep the offense upright. Hopefully, Bartch can assist in adding that much-needed security blanket. Particularly, after putting on 70-pounds and switching from tight end to tackle. This would be a quality pickup for the Rams this late into the draft. He is a physical lineman that likes to make sure he finishes off rushing defenders. He is a rather discipline player which is a sought after character trait in young players.

Round 7, Pick 234: Terence Steele, OT, Texas Tech

During these later rounds of the draft, it is important to try to take the best players available that can make the roster. Also, a player that can best fit the scheme of the team. Steele is a big body with the physical traits to make an impact on an NFL roster. However, it is imperative that he is taught up because he can be susceptible to being caught slipping which can result in penalties. His overall technique can improve which will combat this but he is most likely a player that will be utilized in the event of injury.

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