KJ Hamler: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Alex Kielar | April 20th, 2020

KJ Hamler, WR, Penn State #1

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 176 lbs

Eligibility: Redshirt Sophomore

Games Watched: vs Minnesota (2019), vs Michigan (2019), vs Idaho (2019), vs Buffalo (2019), vs Iowa (2019), vs Ohio State (2018), vs Iowa (2018)

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Speed 10/10 Easily his best trait, Hamler is a speed demon and will take it the distance if given any space. His initial burst is tremendous and leaves plenty of defenders in the dust.
Hands 7.5/10 Makes some solid catches and can even make the hard ones towards his ankles where he has to extend look easy. He sometimes catches with his body, not his hands, but the concentration is still there.
Release 8.5/10 Played most plays in the slot but showed great ability to attack upfield. Against off coverage, he’s an absolute monster, as he uses head fakes and crossovers on five-step routes and he is impossible to stop on deep routes if the defender is unable to make contact.
Contested Catching 6.5/10 He will win his share of reps, but he won’t box anyone out for the ball and doesn’t play well through contact. He will make adjustments late and high point the ball on some occasions.
YAC/RAC 10/10 One of the top receivers in the class at getting yards after the catch, if not the best. He’s so electric with lightning-quick speed and can stop on a dime, hurdle someone, and get back up to his top speed. Will twist, turn and weave in and out of traffic with crazy shiftiness to get to the promised land.
Route Tree 9/10 Tremdous breaks and fluidity, can break through traffic well. Sells hard breaks and whips across the field. Don’t let this kid get space, or you’re done for.
Vertical Receiving 9/10 Didn’t get many chances with other the shoulder plays at Penn State, but when he got a good ball, he made some fantastic plays. With room, he will get beyond the safety and his acceleration and burst will burn defenders.
Return Game 10/10 Not all receivers have this trait, I know. But this is too good to leave off. With his speed, acceleration, and slipperiness he made some very impressive returns – he had a 100-yard kick-off return called back because of holding against Michigan – his best film. This is part of Hamler’s game that a team could look at in addition to his receiving.
Competitive Toughness 7.5/10 Wins with speed and agility but he is very lean and won’t get physical with anyone. He is willing to get physical, but with not enough strength relies on his quickness.
Blocking 5.5/10 Not much length or strength, but can do enough to stuff up defenses inside. Won’t be able to play point man on a screen or crackdown on big linebackers.
Overall  83.5/100 KJ Hamler will be targeted as a dynamic receiver who can stretch – and also flip – the field. His lack of physicality will put him as a primary slot receiver in the NFL. With his strong route running, speed, and YAC skills, he will be a high percentage target. He has short-area quickness which can be used in screens and shootouts close to the sticks. He still has room to fill out and add to his strength which would make him an even better target.

Round Grade: Second Round

Projected Draft Position: Mid-Late Second

Pro Comparison: Tyreek Hill

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