Kansas City Chiefs Meet Chicago Bears with First-Round Bye on the Line

In this Week 16 game, it’s a tale of two teams. The Kansas City Chiefs are looking to secure a win for playoff seeding, while the Chicago Bears will be playing for pride. These two teams last met in 2015 with the Bears defeating the Chiefs, 18-17.

Whoever wants to win more this Sunday will win.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have been plagued by injuries all season on both sides of the ball, and as the weeks have rolled on, they’ve been able to incorporate those players back into the lineup. Andy Reid has done well with what he’s been given over the season to work with, but he’ll do best to not overlook a team with nothing to lose. While a loss won’t knock the Chiefs out of the playoffs, getting a cozy spot might be what the Chiefs need.

The Chiefs need to continue what they’ve been doing, especially getting the defense to blossom even more than they have been. While Patrick Mahomes, to some people, hasn’t played up to their MVP opinions of him, he’s been just as good as ever. Getting past the Bears and then the Chargers the following week to try to attain a top seed position is looking more like a reality and should go a long way to show that Mahomes, and the Chiefs, are not slowing down anytime soon.

They have their eyes set on postseason victory.

Chicago Bears

The Bears have been on an upswing despite their 7-7 season, winning three out of their four last games and almost defeating the Green Bay Packers last week at Lambeau Field. The loss to the Packers eliminated the Bears from the playoffs.

They continue to struggle on offense, and Mitchell Trubisky is not immune from these struggles. They have one of the worst passing offenses in the NFL, and their running game ranks 29th. The defense seems to not fare much better. They are 23rd in the NFL in sacks and 13th in pass offense. They have been able to slow down the running game, allowing the sixth-lowest total rushing yards in the NFL.

Overall, this season would probably be described as disappointing when juxtaposed against the 2018 season.


The Bears might be able to keep up with the Chiefs for a while but eventually, the differences between the teams will begin to show. They will want to play spoiler for the Chiefs and work toward ending the season on a high note. They might be able to stifle the Chiefs running game, but like other teams, they won’t be able to stifle Mahomes.

The Chiefs can’t let their guard down. They need to focus on the game and not worry about its post-season implications. You can expect the defense to put on a show, as they’ve gained momentum as the season has gone on. Fans should also expect to see Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill on display, as always.


Unless the Chiefs decide to check out mentally and physically, they are the expected winner of this contest.

Bears 10, Chiefs 27



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