Jeremy Chinn: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Givanni Damico | March 16th, 2020

Jeremy Chinn, SAF, Southern Illinois #2

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 220 lbs

Class: Senior

Games I’ve watched: vs. NDSU (2019), vs. Youngstown State (2019), vs. Youngstown State (2018)

Chinn is a small-school prospect who has gotten wide recognition due to his athletic gifts and playmaking ability. He impressed everyone at the combine, testing well in nearly every department. I hope to inform the more casual fans on Chinn’s ability to develop and hone his skills at the next level.

I grade on a 100-point scale being distributed 10 ways with 10 different criteria. For safeties, this criteria includes: Frame, Speed/Burst, Strength, Tackling, Agility/Fluidity, Instincts, Coverage, Run Support, Football IQ, Ball Skills

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Frame 10/10 Chinn has the ideal size and length for a safety prospect. His size doesn’t do anything to take away from his speed or athleticism, making him a complete physical specimen.
Speed/Burst 9/10 He has great acceleration in short spaces. His burst allows for stronger tackles and harder hits. 
Strength 8/10 Chinn is definitely one of the stronger safeties in this draft. His hit power is near elite and his tackling ability is pretty sound.
Tackling 8.5/10 At the FCS level, CHinn would be considered an elite tackler. How will this translate? We cannot say for sure, but he definitely has the ability for this skill to be honed at the next level. 
Agility/Fluidity 7/10 Chinn struggles with timing, especially when he has to turn and run upfield. His hips need to be quicker, but when he gets a good break on the play, he looks as fluid as can be.
Instincts 5.5/10 Chinn’s instincts are the worst part of his game. He is able to cover up for his sometimes poor decision-making due to his speed and overall athletic ability. He needs to do better with timing or else he’ll be a one-dimensional player in the NFL.
Coverage  6.5/10 Chinn is very good in zone coverage, but his man coverage skills leave a lot to be desired. He leaves too much of a cushion for receivers and is slow to react to the play. The only time I would put him in man coverage is against tight ends. 
Run Support 8/10 Chinn is an aggressive run defender. He is not afraid to step up and make a big play. He gets a little bit over-aggressive at times, but he can definitely be a safety in run-support packages in the NFL.
Football IQ 6/10 He’s over-aggressive in run support, but slow to pull the trigger in man coverage. He is a smart player but he tends to take to long to process situations.
Ball Skills 9/10 Chinn had great production at the FCS level. He had 13 interceptions in four years, flashing his tremendous ball skills. He has a decent catch radius and soft hands.
Overall 77.5/100 Jeremy Chinn is an athletic specimen who will excel in certain packages at the next level. He shouldn’t play too much in man coverage packages and he will need to have better instincts in coverage overall. He is great in run support, but he needs to work on not getting over eager. Chinn won’t be an every down safety, but some team will get very lucky and be able to use him in certain packages and on special teams.
Round Grade: Early-Mid Third RoundProjected Draft Position: Round 3-4Pro Comparison: Developmental Derwin James

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