Jaylon Johnson: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Givanni Damico | April 15th, 2020

Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah #1

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 193 lbs

Eligibility: Junior

Games Watched: Stanford (2018), BYU (2019), Utah (2019)

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Fluidity 8/10 His footwork gets choppy at times, but for his size, he’s a fluid athlete. His balance concerns me at times as well, but I don’t see any major flaws, just minor things that can be fixed.
Speed/Acceleration 8/10 Decent long speed, but I don’t know if I can trust him to stick with a fast receiver down the field. He has good acceleration in short spaces, but in open space, he may be a bit of a liability.
Man Coverage Ability 9.5/10 Great in press coverage. Very sticky corner with good instincts. He’s a smart player who plays his best football in man coverage.
Zone Coverage Ability 7.5/10 Didn’t see a ton of zone looks from him at Utah, so I don’t know how versatile he is. Liability to give up deep balls here as well. When he was in zone, he looked solid enough, I’d just like to see more out of him.
Tackling 5.5/10 He just looks lazy and uninterested in the play. He’s a physical tackler but he is just a bystander at times. Needs to get more involved and show effort.
Ball Skills 9/10 Fantastic ball skills with a good vertical. Solid threat to eliminate the jump ball. 
Run Support  8/10 He has good range to stop the run in space. His tacking could use work which makes him a bit of a liability here as well. 
Competitive Toughness 8/10 Play strength is weak at times but Johnson is normally a tough, physical corner. He can find himself in a starting role within his first year or two in the league because of his physicality.
Awareness 8.5/10 Does well sticking with his man in press coverage. He can play pretty well picking up his man in zone as well.
Versatility 7/10 He just didn’t get a ton of reps in zone coverage at Utah, so I question if he will be able to be a consistent zone player in the NFL. His press-man skills are impressive which makes him a viable starter.
Overview 79/100 Jaylon Johnson will thrive in press coverage as a professional. He lacks effort on some plays which may come off as lazy to some. He needs to become more involved in the run game and will himself to give the extra 1% to make plays. He doesn’t have as much experience with zone coverage as he does in press, so he may not be as effective. Overall, he should be a day-one starter depending on where he lands.

Round Grade: Late-Second Round

Projected Draft Position: Late First – Mid Second

Pro Comparison: Trumaine Johnson

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