Jalen Hurts: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Mason Thompson | April 17th, 2020

Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma, #1

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 218 lbs

Eligibility: Senior

Games Watched: Clemson (2017), UCLA (2019), Baylor (2019) twice, South Dakota (2019)

Hurts is a polarizing quarterback figure in the 2020 NFL Class. The former Alabama starter took over for the Oklahoma Sooners and was a contender for the Heisman this year. I take a look at the film and find out why.

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Accuracy 7/10 Has some issues with touch passes where he overthrows the receiver. He hasn’t really found a consistent groove with his accuracy. Will get into a good stretch and then sail a pass five yards over the receiver. 
Arm Strength 8/10 Good enough. He has some throws that are behind the receiver on a go route that the receiver has to come back to instead of walking into the endzone for a score. 
Decision Making  5.5/10 Tries to force plays that aren’t there, resulting in interceptions or a huge loss of yards from a sack. Tries to make something out of nothing with his feet, sometimes losing track of the ball. Will try forcing throws into windows that aren’t there. 
Progressions  6/10 Locks on to his primary read and doesn’t let go until it’s too late. Any chance that the throw will make it to the primary read, he takes it and gets baited by defenders. 
Poise  7/10 Always seems to want to leave the pocket, even without being under duress. Best when outside of the pocket when he can manipulate the defense. 
Footwork  9/10 Light and nimble on his feet. Sometimes abandons the drop to leave the pocket with any sense of pressure. 
Pocket Awareness 6.5/10 Never seems to want to stay in the pocket and always rolls out. He seems to be more accurate on the run. He has some good throws while inside the pocket but that’s a rare commodity. 
Mechanics  7.5/10 He gets away with some awkward throws due to good throwing power. Throwing motion seems kind of awkward and takes a while to release the ball. 
Anticipation  7.5/10 He’s better at baiting the defenders in the middle of the field than on the perimeter. Missed some throws deep down the field, opting to take short throws that don’t make the first-down marker. 
Run Ability  5/5 This is his specialty. Any chance he can get yardage here, he’ll expose. 
Injury  4/5 Some minor injuries here and there to his throwing hand and ankle. 
Overall  73/100 Hurts needs a lot of development as a passer and does most of his work outside of the pocket and in a scramble. He tries to make too much out of nothing, resulting in fumbles or bone-head interceptions. His best fit as a developmental quarterback that could potentially come into the game to light a fire under the team. 

Round Grade: Fourth Round

Projected Draft Position: Third-Fourth Round

Player Comp: Developmental Tyrod Taylor 

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