Jackson Talks Blocked Punt, Interception

New England Patriots cornerback J.C. Jackson had the best game of his career and appeared at the postgame press conference podium for the first time.

Jackson broke down his second interception which was a toe-tapping play.

“The receiver, he ran a go route, Josh Allen ran out of the pocket and started scrambling and I guess I competed and got the ball before he did. I was looking back at him and I once I had seen the ball, I just went and got it.”

When it came to the blocked punt and interception. Jackson had just a simple answer for reporters.

“Just going out there and just making plays man, just making plays,” Jackson said. “Just believing and trusting my technique and fundamentals that I work on in practice and take on the field and execute.”

Even with Tom Brady on the offensive side of the ball, Jackson is happy that the team can win when the quarterback and offense has an off-day.

“Of course (it feels good to win in different ways),”Jackson said.”Especially to win on the road and in a hostile environment. We got a lot of work to do and a lot to improve on defensively.”

When asked about the Jamie Collins interception to put the game in the win column, Jackson smiled and gushed over his teammate.

“That’s the best way to finish the football game,” Jackson said. “Doesn’t get no better than that.”

Patriots safety and captain Devin McCourty said nothing but great things about his fellow member of the secondary.

“They gotta make up some type of award to give J.C., I don’t know if it’s special teams, defensive player of the week but they need to do some kind of a combo,” McCourty said with a laugh. “He’s another guy, when he gets on the field somehow he makes a play from last year all the way to this year so it was great to see him go out and make those plays today.”

Brady also had nothing but great things to say about Jackson, his performance, and his presence on the team.

“He’s done a great job, we have gone against him a lot,” Brady said about Jackson. “He’s very talented, he’s just very skilled, he’s obviously got great ball skills. Moves well, he’s fast, quick and you can’t make a mistake around him.”




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