J.K. Dobbins: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Givanni Damico | April 12th, 2020

J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State #2

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 209 LBs

Eligibility: Junior

Games Watched: Indiana (2018), Michigan (2018), Michigan State (2018), Washington (2018), Michigan (2019), Penn State (2019), Wisconsin (2019), Michigan State (2019), Clemson (2019)

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Elusiveness 9/10 For a compact guy, he has a lot of moves in his toolbox. Very slippery in gaps and impossible to take down one-on-one. 
Vision 10/10 Fantastic processing ability and anticipation allows him to shoot the right gaps and get into open space. He arguably has the best vision in this running back class. 
Strength/Power 8.5/10 He’s not Derrick Henry, but he’s able to run defenders over and churn his legs for extra yardage. He’s powerful in short yardage situations and always runs hard.
Durability 9/10 After struggling in 2018, he came back in 2019 and had a wonderful campaign. He proved that he could be an every-down running back and handle a bell cow role at the next level. 
Receiving Ability 9/10 Soft hands. He makes big plays happen in open space and is a decent route runner. Not the best in the class, but he wasn’t fully utilized as a receiving back. I think he could be a three or four catch per game player in the NFL.
Football IQ 9.5/10 Quick processing ability and great anticipation. As I said earlier, he shoots the right gaps and follows his linemen. 
Motor 9.5/10 Nonstop. He runs hard and plays through injury. He doesn’t duck out of bounds to avoid hits and is constantly trying to find open space.
Blocking 7/10 He missed his man quite a few times last year, showing a weakness in processing the defense. When he meets the defender, he does a good job attacking them and holding his ground.
Fluidity/COD 10/10 He makes incredibly smooth, twitchy cuts. Great lateral movement ability and silky smooth footwork makes him very hard to bring down.
Balance 9/10 His base is consistently explosive and he’s always balanced. Great balance in the open field allows him to make dynamic plays happen.
Overall 90.5/100 Dobbins projects to be an every-down running back in the NFL. He will be a bell cow for whatever team needs him and he can truly do it all. His combination of size and speed is coveted by many and he may be drafted sooner than many expect. Despite the general consensus that running backs aren’t as valuable as other positions, Dobbins is undoubtedly a first-round caliber player.
Round Grade: First RoundProjected Draft Position: Early-Mid Second RoundPro Comparison: Devonta Freeman

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