I Said It 4-6-17: Capitals and Kaepernick

By Producer Alex

Oh, another day, another batch of politically-ambiguous sports jokes.

  • The Washington Capitals won the President’s Trophy. Now they’re the second team aided by Russians — Alex Ovechkin, that is — to win anything presidential in Washington.
  • Petition to refer to the new Bruins prospect Jacob Forsbacka Karlsson as simply “JFK”… And here’s to hoping his career lasts longer than the previous JFK’s term… 

  • A girl from Romania made the news for selling her virginity for $2.5 million. That’s more money for 15 minutes of action than Mookie Betts makes in a year… And now I guess she’s scored more times than Mookie this season, but I digress.

  • The Cleveland Browns are on the hunt for a new QB, but not even the desperate free agent Colin Kaepernick wants the job. Better to be unemployed than to be a Cleveland Brown.

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