How the Future of College Football is Changing Right in Front of Us

The entire college football landscape has shifted within one offseason. With the recent announcement that Oklahoma and Texas will most likely move to the SEC, things have started to get complicated. Everything that has happened so far has come relatively quickly. The changes haven’t gone without serious controversy. However, we need to look past that controversy and decipher what has happened throughout this wild 2021 offseason.

The Playoff

Our first big news was the playoff expansion. The playoff expansion is the most controversial move of the offseason and will play out in the coming years. The 12 team playoff, like everything in the NCAA, is a cash grab, but something that was needed. The playoffs needed to be changed, and while 12 teams could be too many for some, it’s better than the same four every single year.

New NIL Rules

The NCAA allowing players to earn money off their likeness sent shockwaves throughout the country. Players are already cashing in massive NIL deals, such as Alabama’s Bryce Young scoring seven figures without even playing a snap. The bigger schools will profit because of this as the players will have more money to make from deals, so higher-level recruits could decide to go to an SEC school instead of a team where they could immediately find playing time. The bigger the schools, the more money a player can make. So, it seems the top should only get better from here, but it should be a marginal difference. The news is still monumental for the players, and NCAA, as we finally see athletes get what they deserve in the college ranks.

Conference Craziness

Our final, and most recent news, is that the Big 12 will be, essentially, blown up. There were rumors not too long ago that Oklahoma and Texas were having preliminary discussions of joining the SEC, and now they have all but completed the move. It was a cash grab for both schools and the SEC. Even though it’s not great morally, it will make for some fantastic football once finalized.

After we heard about Oklahoma and Texas, rumors started flying about the rest of the conference. The Big 12 really cannot survive without their two biggest brands, and schools know it. There have been reports that Texas Tech, Baylor, and TCU have all contacted the PAC 12 about joining. If the Big 12 were to dissolve and leave four major conferences left, it would be a little disheartening and a tough pill to swallow. On the other hand, more competitive teams in a lesser amount of conferences could be beneficial for this sport, and as time moves on, we will be able to forget about the old if the football is good. 

Ultimately, the college football that we know is now in the past, and we should all get ready for massive conference realignment. 

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