Greed is the motivation behind Tom Brady's recent extension


Michael Pallas Aug 5th, 2019

(Please note: this is purely an observational opinion piece. Also, it’s not one to pass judgment on whether or not it is good or bad.)

We are all motivated by something, and for Tom Brady, one thing clearly motivates him to continue playing in the NFL…greed.

Tom Brady recently signed a contract extension with the New England Patriots. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, it’s worth $70 million.


Tom Brady himself has said that he has all the “answers to the test,” so why should he end his career? At this point, already being the best quarterback to have ever played in the National Football League, what motivates him? There’s one thing and one thing only, greed.

Let’s look at some things that may point to this:


1. Tom Brady is one of the rare exceptions for players who haven’t been run out of town under Bill Belichick’s watchful eye. By most accounts, that’s because of Robert Kraft and not Belichick.

2. The Patriots are 14-6 (including the game where he was injured) in games without Tom Brady since he took over for Drew Bledsoe. This includes the 11-5 season in which the Patriots became only the fifth team in NFL history to win 11 games and miss the postseason.

3. The deals lately are short team-friendly deals.

So, how does this lead to the assertion that greed factors in? Well, currently many pundits and fans give Belichick and Brady an even split (or close enough to it) for the credit of the dynasty.


For now, their legacies are intertwined. They will always be to an extent, but if Belichick were to win titles without Brady that would put a small ding on Brady’s Legacy. (Not enough to remove him from being the GOAT, just a small one)

That being said, Brady continuing his career hurts one man’s legacy (and I can’t believe I am about to stick up for the man who “resigned as HC of the NYJ”), and that’s the legacy of Bill Belichick. Imagine if Belichick were able to win multiple championships with multiple quarterbacks. He’d not only be considered the greatest coach in NFL history but probably the greatest to ever coach/manage any sport in the world.

Brady believes he will lose his place as the greatest quarterback if Belichick is able to win without him. Brady wants to make sure his legacy stays intact completely, and he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.

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