Galvin: Stop Forcing Gronk Out of Retirement

After his third Super Bowl ring and nine seasons in the NFL, Rob Gronkowski, known to most as ‘Gronk’, retired from football. 

In his announcement, Gronk stated that it is “time to move forward with a big smile knowing that the New England Patriots Organization, Pats Nation, and all [his] fans will be truly apart of [his] heart for the rest of [his] life.”

After these loving words towards his fans, one would think that fans had the same response. 

But they didn’t. In fact, most fans, like myself, were in denial that he retired. But after a few hours of decompressing, the reality sunk in that Gronk was done with football. 

However, some fans are still in that denial stage. They think that Gronk will come back. 

But it’s not just Patriots fans. Its sportscasters and fans of other teams. His agent said that he isn’t completely sold on Gronk’s retirement. Even close friends to Gronk think that he will return to football. 

A report surfaced today from a source close to Gronk stating that there is a 40 percent chance that the superstar will return to football. 

There is also speculation that Tom Brady has a hand in deciding whether or not Gronk returns. When Gronk retired, Brady wished him well but told him that he wants to throw another touchdown pass to him. Reportedly, Brady may even be a key in swaying Gronk to return to the game. 

But he shouldn’t be a key factor. No one should be a key factor. The only ‘key factor’ should be Gronk. 

Yes, it sucks not seeing him on the roster. Yes, it sucks to find a new tight end that has to live up to his glory. But it has to happen. Players decide to retire based on a multitude of reasons. This could be health-related, family-related, or simply because they want to stop playing the game. 

No one besides that player has any right to decide when he ends his tenure as a professional football player. The worst possible way for a player to retire is because of injury. They have no control over when they retire in that situation. 

Gronk has had numerous health issues throughout his career. If part of the reason that he retired is because of these health concerns, then he shouldn’t put his body at any more risk. So stop trying to create a narrative that he may come back. There shouldn’t be any outside sources persuading him in either direction.

The being said, obviously, I want Gronk back. But he is clearly enjoying his retired life. He has a loving girlfriend, he has more free time to do what he wants to do, including endeavors he wouldn’t be able to do while still on the team.

Gronk reserves the right to decide what he wants to do. So stop with this ‘comeback’ narrative.


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