Fortnite Consumed Major League Baseball in 2018

Like almost every video game craze, the Fortnite phenomenon that consumed America in 2018 was not limited to the youth. (News flash: adults like video games, too.)

Among those mixed up in the new fad were the Boston Red Sox. David Price, in particular, caught some heat for supposedly played too much Fortnite, if that’s a thing.

It turns out the Red Sox weren’t the only Major League Baseball franchise awestruck by Fortnite.

John Lott of The Athletic reported on Monday the Toronto Blue Jays have instituted a “pre-game curfew” on playing video games.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan also reported on Monday that Carlos Santana smashed a television in the Philadelphia Phillies’ clubhouse because some players were playing Fortnite. (Maybe that’s part of the reason Santana only lasted one year in Philly.)

Although they’re linked to the same problem, these are two very different issues. But the fact that they’re even problems is laughable. This could be the worst combination of no self-control and lack of feel… ever.

Well, maybe not ever, but think about it. This is an issue about guys who play a game, playing a game.

When it comes to the Philadelphia issue, while Santana’s reaction may seem extreme, he has the right line of thinking. You’re in the middle of a game and you’re playing a video game? How much money do MLB players get paid again? Go work a real job and see what that’s like.

That being said, the Blue Jays situation is different.

As ridiculous as it may seem, players have their pregame routine. Some guys like to study film or scouting reports, some don’t. There can be a list of reasons why, but if it works for a guy, you can’t mess with it.

So if someone wants to jam out to Britney Spears in their prime and play solitaire before Game 7 of the World Series because that’s what they always do — and they’ve played well — you can’t mess with that, as weird as it may seem.

So the Blue Jays should really think about whatever rule they institute before guys tighten up and the coaches lose the clubhouse by May 1.

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