Former Patriot Airs Grievances Over Time with Team

It’s no secret that the Patriots run their organization differently than most in the NFL, and sometimes that rubs players the wrong way. Over the past 20 years, there have been a plethora of players who have left the team and spoke up about how they weren’t happy with how they were treated.

Add former defensive lineman Mike Pennel to that list.

Pennel signed a two-year contract with the team last March but his tenure with the team didn’t last long as he didn’t even make it out of the preseason. His early departure from the team has clearly rubbed him the wrong way.

The veteran cited “confusion” as one of his main issues with the team getting rid of him. The lineman wanted answers as to why he was let go from the team but got none. He also stated that there was some sort of “disconnection” between him and former defensive line coach, Bret Bielema, at the time, too.

That frustration can get to anyone, but at this point, it should be known around the league that the Patriots aren’t exactly the most friendly team to work for. Ruthless seems like too tough of a word, but the Pats, under coach Bill Belichick, run their organization with a very business-like point of view.

If you can produce and fit into what the team wants to do, they’ll keep you. But once they move on or want to go in a different direction and they think you may not fit, your days are numbered. Look no further than the Tom Brady situation if you want further proof that no player is exempt from this.

Pennel’s feelings are certainly warranted, but it’s tough to question an organization that has been on the top of the league for 20 years now. Sometimes things just don’t work out and that’s okay.

Mike Pennel will be suiting up for the Chiefs this weekend in the Super Bowl so it’s safe to say that things worked out in his favor.

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