Former MLB Player Shares Positive News Regarding Baseball’s Return

UPDATE: Baseball journalist Keith Law has since refuted Trevor Plouffe’s report.

It appears that Major League Baseball may be returning in the near future. Early this evening, former MLB third baseman Trevor Plouffe broke some potentially great news.

While this hasn’t been confirmed by any larger news outlets, Trevor Plouffe’s report shouldn’t be taken as nothing. He, after all, is a former player who undoubtedly has many connections in the game and likely wouldn’t ruin credibility for something like this.

If this indeed is true, there are many questions to be asked. The tweet states that the teams will start the second course of Spring Training on June 10th.

Will it be at the spring facilities? (Probably not.)

Will the players be required to social distance besides playing? (Presumably, yes.)

Will they require masks? Will fans be allowed to spectate to any extent? These are just regular questions that need to be considered before a reasonable plan is formed.

There also may be a high risk of injury due to the offseason, a short spring camp, and the lengthened absence due to the pandemic. This could make the league consider more players available to the big league teams and service time considerations to help curb injuries.

To focus on the Opening Day date, that would make for some issues, too, especially in the New York area. The Mets and Yankees are in the middle of the world epicenter and it surely would be difficult for those teams to travel and host teams. The chance for exposure is far too great unless the virus settles down.

For the rest of the league, there is such a great chance for MLB to get much-needed forefront. With most of the world quarantined at home, it would allow for Major League Baseball to take the lead on TV ratings. It will also provide the world with much-needed hope and an outlet to keep those stuck occupied.

If all that was reported is true, this would make for a great turnaround on what has been a challenging year so far.

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